Al Jazeera Supermarket in Riyadh Saudi Arabia

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I would like to introduce Al Jazeera Supermarket in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, if you are on budget, I would suggest buying in the mentioned market. The market is located at Street Mousa Ibn Nusiar,District Al-Solaymania, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia . It is very near to Al Akaria and Jarir Bookstore in Oleya. The store provides food and clothing. It is a one stop shop which also includes STC Sale Center in Riyadh, Fruits , Meat , Fish and Kitchen equipment. I could say that they have a very reasonable price.

There is a big car parking below the building. It is also in front of Al Sadhan Market and very near to Sulemania Area where you could buy anything about TV networking.

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  1. ROD PELEW says:

    salamalaykum warahmatullah y wabarakatu..sir/mam,im a supplier of fresh vegetables here in the philippines and i would like to be one of your suppliers,thank you very much..

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