Available Mobile Phone Company in Saudi Arabia

This might be very helpful to all new visitors of Saudi Arabia. So this post is intended to those who will come to Saudi Arabia for the first time:

The Available Mobile Phone Company in Saudi Arabia are as follows:

  • SAWA which is powered by STC. Simcard can be bought directly from STC or even in different stores n Saudi Arabia. SAWA is the prepaid phone service by STC, The first company to offer mobile phone network in Saudi Arabia.
  • Mobily, is the next company that offers pre paid mobile phone. Like STC, mobily simcard is  also available on different stores in Saudi Arabia, It is the biggest competitor of STC when it comes to mobile network.
  • Zain is the third company and the youngest among the 3 mobile players in Saudi Arabia.

All 3 companies have their different methodology to get the attention of the customer. It is also a reason why some foreigners own 3 mobile phones. Foreigners are wise enough to use the network which have the best offer on time that they needed their service. Well network competition is always better for the consumers.

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