Buffalo Southwest Cafe – Tahaliya Street Riyadh Review

We went to Buffalo Southwest Cafe at Tahaliya Street Riyadh as recommended by a friend. Buffalo restaurant  caters steak, ribs and other western food. Southwestern food also called Tex Mex has flavors from both Southern America and Mexican food combined.

We ordered Rib Eye Steak, Chicken Fingers for my son  and  ordered the ribs as recommended by the crew in charge in our meal.

Buffalo Ambiance

The ambiance is great specially in the family section, located in the 2nd floor, it is properly lighted and there are separate place for smoking customers and non smoking customers. I don’t smoke so I choose to be seated at the Non Smoking area.

I have also seen that the bachelors outside dining area is also great, complete with mist at night for humidification purpose.

Where is it Located?

Buffalo is located at Tahlia St, near the Global city store of Apple. It is on the right side when coming from Dahbab st.

Perfect Time to eat at Buffalo

As usual the perfect time to eat at buffalo is just after salah (Prayer Time), the reason is that you could easily get a parking space for your car.

How is the Steak ?

I tried to taste my wife steak and it is really great. I would suggest getting a “ Medium Well “ steak rather than “Well Done”, but if you don’t want to see a little reddish color in the middle I suggest you make it “Well done”.

How is the Ribs?

At first it is really great, but because of the Qty (By the way it is big), I was not able to take the whole. But the taste is really good. 2 medium size person is suitable for this ribs.I tried to partner my ribs with Mexican rice.

What About the Cost of Dining at Buffalo ?

I think it is in the medium range. If you have tried Outback and Steakhouse, the price range is just the same. Please be informed that the price in the menu shall have an additional Service charge. I don’t remember the percentage but you could always the crew.

Suggested Drinks?

The kids tried the Cookie monster and I tried and strawberry, what is nice it’s glass that look like a bamboo. You can also get ice tea and soft bottomless soft drinks.

Availability of Children’s Play Zone

The play area is just a normal play area with balls and slides. No computer games inside the play area.

Suggestion for Improvement

I love salad and soup,The soup and salads are available upon order not like in steakhouse where there is a location for salad bar and soup. I have not seen a salad bar in the area, and I would suggest on having one if it is possible. Buffalo should also make special offers that will make them more competitive with other steak store here in Riyadh.

Buffalo Contact

Here is the contact details of the store.

Tel: +96612792123
Tahaliya Street, Olaya Area
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Over All Experience

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4 Responses

  1. Parinaz Desai says:

    Hi Dexter – I have always been an avid reader of your blogs and all your reviews. just thought of asking you to try these restaurants too if you haven’t tried them yet.

    1. Tikkalicious – Its near the new American International School – Had tried the branch that was once opp Akaria Compound but now they have moved far away. Tried thie Chicken Tikkas and puris which were truly out of this world. Yum Yum.

    2. Maestro Pizza – Thei Chicken ranch Pizza is superb taste wise and one suggestion is that they should be a little generous while putting chickne in the pizza. At 30 riyals for a large pizza this is not a bad deal at all.

    3. Al Saraya Turkish restaurant. Their long long bread is soemthing which I really love to have along with their Grills, kebabs and delish Turkish fare. Try it. You will want it again and again.

    4. Anatolia Turkish grill is also great. Do let me know when you have visited these restaurants. Bon Appetite.

    • Hello Parinaz, Thanks for reading our review and restaurant.. among the list that you have mentioned, I have only visited ” Al Saraya Turkish restaurant.”, I have not visited others on the list, but probably soon we will visit those restaurant as per your suggestion.. Thanks again

  2. Nice review… What I like in Buffalo restaurant is their Sirloin Steak and Buffalo wings! 😛

  1. January 28, 2014

    […] a bit pricey compared to other steak serving restaurant in Riyadh. Like Steakhouse, Applebees, Buffalos and Outback. But I must say that we like their steak as well as their sauce in the appetizer […]

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