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Buffalo Southwest Cafe – Tahaliya Street Riyadh Review

29 Nov

We went to Buffalo Southwest Cafe at Tahaliya Street Riyadh as recommended by a friend. Buffalo restaurant  caters steak, ribs and other western food. Southwestern food also called Tex Mex has flavors from both Southern America and Mexican food combined.

We ordered Rib Eye Steak, Chicken Fingers for my son  and  ordered the ribs as recommended by the crew in charge in our meal.

Buffalo Ambiance

The ambiance is great specially in the family section, located in the 2nd floor, it is properly lighted and there are separate place for smoking customers and non smoking customers. I don’t smoke so I choose to be seated at the Non Smoking area.


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The Adventure of Tintin (The secret of Unicorn) , New set of Toys from Mc Donalds

19 Oct


I got a chance to visit Mc Donalds and I just like to inform all the kids out there in Riyadh that there are new set of toys from Mc Donalds named, The Adventure of Tintin (The secret of the Unicorn). Available this October 2011.
Just a tip, Mc Donalds also sell toys for 5 riyals. Toy collector would be able to complete the toys if they want. But normally thee are only 2 available toys per week.
I am actually blogging here inside Mc Donalds. :)

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McDonalds Saudi Arabia

7 Jun

We just visited Mc Donals at Dahbab St, near Tamimi, I tried making some photos using camera 360 from my android and using heavy HDR option.


More pictures :


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Visit at Applebee’s Rimal Center in Riyadh (Restaurant)

3 Apr

We recently visited Applebee’s located in Rimal Center in Exit 17. We are a regular customer here but it is only now that I will blog about the place. The staff is really great and they will make sure that you will get everything that you expect from the place. Staff are hospitable. The food is also great specially the salad and Beef steak.

Here are some pictures taken using my Galaxy Tab.


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Pay With Your SABB Credit Card and Get Discounts

30 Mar

Here in Best of Riyadh we aim to give helpful information for Riyadh residents in addition to restaurant and mall reviews. Here are some establishment where you could enjoy discounts if you use SABB Credit Card :


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Outback Steakhouse @ Localizer Mall Riyadh Saudi Arabia

17 Mar

Just want to share our food trip experience in Outback Steakhouse located at Localizer Mall in Riyadh. We have a great lunch at Outback, with tried their Outback Lunch Special. I don’t know if I can really call it lunch since we arrived at 4:30 PM. Their promotion for Outback Lunch Special is only up to 5:00 PM. SO here are some of pictures taken during our visit at outback.

2011-03-06 16.22.44

Localizer Mall at Tahlia St. Riyadh Saudi Arabia.


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Jollibee @ Riyadh Saudi Arabia

27 Feb

Jolibee Riyadh Saudi ArabiaYesterday we had an opportunity to ate in Jollibee located at Batha, Riyadh Saudi Arabia. The kids love the ambiance of having Jollibee, a famous food chain in Philippines, here in Riyadh. The price is reasonable compare to other food chain that offers the same type of food.

There are similarities of taste compared to Jollibee Philippines, I must say that the gravy has a 100% match from Jollibee Philippines. ( Be careful , you have to pay for extra gravy )  We tried the Jolly Beef Hotdog, Jolly Spaghetti and Jollibee Chicken Joy and we feel like eating in Philippines.

The only problem is that they did not inform us that we could not stay inside the store during Salah, Muslim’s prayer time, that is why we are in a hurry eating our food. If I only knew about it, we would just eat the food at home. The best time to go at Jollibee is after prayer time.

Like in Philippines they also have toys for kids kiddie meal.

It would be great if they have incorporated Kids Playground in their store design.

I believe that a budget of SAR 20 to 25 per person would be fine. by that amount you can have your ice cream sundae, chicken joy plus extra rice.

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Kruathai Restaurant in Dahbab

13 Oct

I have a chance to eat yesterday in Kruathai with friends in the office. See our the food pictures taken . we had a nice dinner.

Below shown picture is called ” Buttered Fish ” , I love the mango spread over the fish.

Dexter's Birthday with RTCC Boys - 15

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The Noodle House @ Centria Mall

11 Oct

We just had our dinner at The Noodle House located in La Centria Mall, the Noodle House is located at the highest level of the Mall. The Noodle house has a cozy place , most of the customers are expats during our visit. I would like to thank the waiters and the managers who have shown their hospitality.

We have tried different dishes from appetizers, juice, main course and noodles. so here are the pictures of what we order during our dinner. So here are some of our pictures taken in a rush because photography is not allowed in public areas.

Dexter's 34th Birthday - 63

This is my juice : “Asian Four Season” The juice is good. and I will definitely order it again during my next visit.

Dexter's 34th Birthday - 27

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Welcome to Best of Riyadh Saudi Arabia Blog

10 Oct

Today is 10.10.10 and i decide to start this blog, I actually have this idea after searching for some information here in Riyadh Saudi Arabia and it took me some time to get those information over the internet. I am just thinking that if I have this weblog and I could record every information that I could get here in Riyadh it might help my fellow expats here in Riyadh for them to enjoy while staying in Riyadh. We will try to give updates about the restaurants, best places to visit, new technology, ways to get flight information, and other information that an expat might require while roaming in Saudi Arabia.

We might also assist you in getting things if you are leaving far from Riyadh.

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