Expatriates With Less Than 5 Members Cannot Own SUV Cars

I just read from the newspaper that there will be no Big Vehicles for Expat’s with less than 5 members. The General Directorate of Traffic has been quoted by Arabnews saying that they will not allow expats to own vehicles with seven seats or more.

The directorate has sent a circular to all its departments, saying that registration or ownership of such vehicles by expatriates should be rejected if the condition is not met, local media reported on Saturday.

“The reason for the ban is to stop the wrongful use of such vehicles by some residents like transporting school students or other passengers,” Owaida Kishi, chairman of the Vehicles Committee in the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was quoted as saying.

There is no clear instructions on how will the present owners of the SUV or Big Cars proceed, will they have to sell their cars? or will they return it back to the Car company. We will keep you informed about this news as soon as we got more information.

Source : {Arabnews}

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3 Responses

  1. PB says:

    Hope this will not affect the 4 seater compact SUVs??

  2. shafi says:

    Please update it will affect the existing owners to ?

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