How to Get 1 Week Unlimited STC Mobile Internet Connection + 1 Week Unlimited Call and Text to STC

Unlimited STC Call, Internet and Text

Update: The internet seems to be not unlimited since it has only a maximum of 1 GB. You can check your usage via >> Quicknet >> My account


I am always on mobile and I love to be connected to the internet even I am outside the coverage of my House Wi-Fi. Upon searching for ways on how to to be connected to the mobile internet in Saudi Arabia, I found out that there are lots of ways to experience mobility in Saudi Arabia. Some of my colleagues connect to the internet using My-Fi connection by STC where they pay SAR 100 per month and some opt to have Internet SIM card in replacement with their call SIM card.

But for me, I choose to have the option of having 1 week free internet and 1 week unlimited call to STC users only. It can easily be made by typing 7002 and send to 902. The cost of Internet connection is SAR 29 per week.

Through this method I can watch YouTube, browse the internet using my LG G2, and used my iPad internet using mobile tethering. It’s not so fast but the speed is tolerable. My test today shows 0.71 mbps download and 0.08 mbps upload using application.

I am also using foursquare, Facebook and Email browsing. I am also into stock investing that’s why I need to know what is happening in the market wherever I am.

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  1. Emmz Lopez says:

    Its not working

  1. April 17, 2014

    […] Just be informed that 3g or 4g connection in Saudi Arabia is a bit costly, Facebook access might be free but the website that you might be clicking upon access of Facebook is not free and will consume your load balance. If you want it to be affordable you might want to get a 1 week access  with 1 GB3g connection from STC. […]

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