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It’s another month of the year where we have to renew our housing contract. This is the time that I need to go to the Housing or Real Estate Agency in Riyadh ,  or what they call “Akari” to discuss my contract renewal and to let us stay in the villa with the same rental as before. Well I hope we can get IT, since we have been a good payer for the last 3 years. But what if they don’t agree to have the same amount that we are paying for the last 3 years, well we only have 3 options as follows:

  1. Agree with the higher payment and sign for another year
  2. Ask for owners approval to get the same rental and ultimately get their approval. ( I just have problem most owners are Arabic speaking, and I don’t speak fluent Arabic)
  3. Or find a new or better house where it could accommodate our housing budget.

The third option is the hardest one to do, because in Saudi Arabia , you have to go to “akari” and check if there are available flat, apartments, villa or any other type of accommodation. Based on my experience, for about 10 years in Saudi Arabia it is really hard to find new villa that will satisfy my needs and wants. There are times that when we go to the real estate, there is nobody to attend to us because they are busy attending another customers. There are also times that they don’t know how to speak English and I have to pull those Arabic language that I learn through the years in Saudi Arabia.

It is really hard to get new house and there are times that we end up agreeing in payment increase and just wait for another 6 months so that we can look for another place to stay which is budget friendly.

Upon searching the internet I found out that there is a website where we, expatriate in Saudi Arabia, could find available flats or apartment in Riyadh through a website. I am referring to Lamudi Real Estate Marketplace. Lamudi is an online venture helping Saudis and Expatriate to buy or rent new houses, lands or shops. Users can select the Property Type, maximum budget amount that the customer can accommodate and the preferred number of rooms.

Saudi House

After all we are living in the world dominated by technology and this businessman is wise enough to think of this kind of service that will definitely help us looking for better place to live.

I hope that I could help not only those who are looking for some place to renew their housing rental but to help also future expatriates calculating their budget and making decision if they would continue pursuing working in Saudi Arabia. As additional information, workers in Saudi Arabia normally get 3 months of their salary as Housing Allowance.

Picture Credit : http://ksayalla.blogspot.com

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