How to get a Police Clearance in Saudi Arabia

I have a conversation with a Filipino friend asking for information about getting the Police Clearance before leaving Saudi Arabia. So I would like to share the outcome of my research on the process. Below is the procedures for Filipinos:

For OFWs (Overseas Filipino workers) who are still in Saudi Arabia:

  • Get Letter of Endorsement (LOE) addressed to the police. The LOE may be obtained at the Philippine embassy.
  • Copy of passport, iqama, and pay a fee of SR100.00 (P1,140.41)
  • Bring the LOE to the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs for authentication. Present the authenticated LOE before the police authorities for the police clearance.

For OFWs who have already left Saudi:

  • Request Letter addressed to the Embassy stating the purpose of the Police Clearance and email address, if any
  • A duly accomplished Fingerprint Card obtained through the State Police of the country where the applicant is presently residing.
  • Photocopy of passport used in Saudi Arabia clearly showing the applicant’s photograph and all visas. Copy of iqama.
  • Two recently 2 X 2 colored pictures with white background
  • Other relevant document, if any, to support the application for Police Clearance

The fees involved include:

  • Embassy’s notarial: SR100.00 (US$25.00)
  • Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs authentication fee of SR30.00 (US$7.50)

For Filipinos who have already left the kingdom, the process is longer and may take two to three months upon receipt of documents and payment.

I believed that the above mentioned procedure is applicable to other expat living in Saudi Arabia. Expats just have to get a Letter of Endorsement from their Embassy and authenticate from their embassy.

The Police clearance is an important documents to those whose going to apply for residency in other countries. So better get the Saudi police Clearance before leaving Saudi Arabia for Final Exit.

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  1. January 19, 2014

    […] Police clearance – It is better to have a police clearance prior your departure to Saudi Arabia since it is very hard to get while you are already out of the Kingdom. […]

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