HTC Service Center in Saudi Arabia

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It is good to know that there are Service Centers for HTC in Saudi Arabia, Please fin below the contact details, Address and location map of different HTC service center within Saudi Arabia.


Al- Sanee Telecommunication Center – Shop No. 28
Palestine Street (Intersection with Kind Fahad Street)
Mushrifa Distt – Jeddah
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966-2-6732121:
Fax: +966-2-6735585:

HTC Service Center in Saudi Arabia


Shop No: 29 – Prince Mamdouh Bin Abdullaziz Street (Previously – Thalatheen st.)
Al- Sulaimania Distt – Riyadh
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel : +966-1-2883884, +966-1-2883887:

Fax: +966-1-2883886:

HTC Service Center in Saudi Arabia


Shop No: 7624
King Fahad Street Intersection with 17th Street

Northern Khobar District, Khobar City
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel : +966-3-8676827, +966-3-8676828:

HTC Service Center in Saudi Arabia

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30 Responses

  1. kaleem says:

    i have 816g phone. screen not working. water gone inside. where can i change the screen.

  2. zubair says:

    My problem is HTC one mini IC short

  3. Dexter says:

    Hi guys, Please help me.. Were i can buy sim card try holder for HTC Desire 820 here in riyadh? Tnxs a lot!

  4. rafeek says:

    Dear Gents,

    i am using htc desire 4g i have problem my calling speaker is not working how can i fixed it

  5. Khaja says:

    I want to change my htc battery can any one tell me where i can change it.Please its very important.

  6. MOHD JAVED says:

    I am house electrision

  7. Emran Hoque says:

    Hi, I just got the HTC One M8 16GB, added a few apps and nothing else. I noticed that 7.37GB of storage is being used by “Other” – how i can clean that and why I am experiencing that? Thanks.

  8. b ilal javed says:

    i am living in Saudi Arabia Jidda i am purchase infix x502 from E max makkah center my phone screen is damage how can repairs in Saudi Arabia

  9. ajay says:

    Sir i am using htc desire610 bumsepekr not working what happens I don’t no please you send me selusan

  10. mohammed says:

    I am using HTC desire 600 from yesterday I am receiving massage HTC sense input has stopped unexpectedly would you like to sent an erre report to HTC ? this will help us improve our product.

    Several time i sent but still same also i cant see keyboard any one can help me please.

  11. mohamed rafiq says:

    dear sir, I am using htc one phone camera pink shading problem. How I can fix this problem. now i am in abha.

  12. sathiyaraj says:

    dear sir, I am using htc one smartphone. I replace the mobile on last December due to camera pink shading problem. So now speakers not working properly. How I can fix this problem. warranty is expired for old mobile. For this replaced mobile warranty is there or not. if no warranty how much price will be approximately.

  13. Jose Renier O. Legaspi says:

    I am here in ryadh I accidentally broke my screen HTC one M7 but it is still working same as b4 only broken screen where can I replace the screen and how much may be thank you….

  14. kashif says:

    Hi I bought HTC M8 ONE two months ago and I found that some internet connection problem. my office in basement but still my mobile receive two to three signals and my mobile automatically connted to WiFi as WiFi is enable but the problem is that when I go out 3g or 4 g connention not establish automatically even though if I disable data and connect again still not work every time I need to reset mobile then internet connection connects.I have check with mobile operator and there no issue in there netwirk.How I can fix this issue.

  15. saleem says:

    my htc disire battery need replacement so kindly please inform me that where can i buy in saudi arabia, and send me the contact details via email

  16. MELWIN says:

    I have HTC mozart T8698 mobile , and replacing the font touch screen , please let me know the service centre in jubail

  17. Bibhas Dutta says:

    M’y HTC désire 616 display got crack…I want to change…
    What would b chargé to change display…ifs perfect working condition..

  18. shyed says:

    please tell me the htc service centre in riyadh

  19. Ejazul Hasan says:

    I need this model HTC Explorer mobile battery

  20. Zahid says:

    Friend, i bought new HTC from my home country, it was working nice, now when i am in saudi arabia the same mobile is not working, it’s shown no service on saudi sim. but when i insert my home country sim its working.
    can any one suggest ??

  21. susan says:

    Which is the best memorycard for my HTC Mobile phone

  22. khaled says:

    is there anyone know the company name which is authorized htc customer service center ???? is this company is good in repairing or replacing the phone ???

  23. Mohammed says:

    Thank you so much for this info, Love my HTC and been struggling to get it repaired

  24. syed says:

    hey thanks for that info.

    can you please check where the service center for Motorola phones is in Riyadh? a tel no would be really appreciable. pls email me. thanks.

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