iPhone 4S Reduced Price at Jarir Bookstore

I believe that due to competition, Jarir Bookstore have finally decided to lower their price for iPhone 4s

jarir_Reduce Price on iPhone 4S!

As shown in the picture above the present rate of iPhone 4s as follows:

  • iPhone 4s 16 GB – 3,499
  • iPhone 4s 32 GB – 4,399
  • iPhone 4s 16 GB – 3,499

But still way far from other android phones that could much it’s performance. In my opinion soon price will still go down. iPhone 4s is know to have a great speed and SIRI. We don’t know if SIRI will function in Saudi Arabia the way the function in US.

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2 Responses

  1. Rashid Iqbal says:

    Yesterday I check both jarir and mobile market in Riyadh, Jarir have 3499 for Iphone 4s with 16 GB and the mobile market have round same e.g. some have 3300, 3400 or 3500 ( eith lock or unlock)
    did anybody check the batha… I hope we get the phone on much more less price from there
    Kindly explain lock and unlock and how much the charges for unlocking the phone

    • Admin says:

      @Rashid Iqbal,

      Thanks for the additional info. I have not yet check it in Batha, Lock Phones are those phones that are locked to a certain telcom company only and can usually be break. But I don’t know in Riyadh a place where they can do it in a proper manner. Usually locked phones cam fro, United states. Unlock phone is the best since we can immediately use our sim card to make it work.

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