Jarir is Now Accepting iPhone 4s Reservation | Over Priced?

We have received information that Jarir Bookstore have started getting reservations for iPhone 4s but the price is really high. They are using their facebook page to received the reservation.

Here is the price :

iPhone 4S – 16 GB @ 3,799
iPhone 4S – 32 GB @ 4,799
iPhone 4s – 64 GB @ 5,999

Here is the Terms and Condition :

  • Reservation is only available for customers in Saudi Arabia.Jarir Bookstore pricing is subject to change based on vendor and other factors.
  • Very limited stock available.
  • Color (Black/White) is not confirmed and is subject to availability.
  • Reservation doesn’t guarantee availability. Upon availability of the product, customer will receive a confirmation email with time of pick-up.
  • Confirmation is valid for 24 hours from specified time of pick-up.

I believe that the price is high, but of course you cannot get the iPhone 4s at this stage in Riyadh in an easy manner. So are you willing to pay SAR 5,999 for an iPhone ? For me, I will just wait fr iPhone 4s to flood in the market perhaps in Panda, eXtra, itechia  or any other place where the iPhone 4 was introduced. But at least their price is lower than iPhone 4s found in  Expatriates.com

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