Ministry of Interior (MOI) and Ministry of Labor (MOL) Helps Illegal Worker in Saudi Arabia By Giving Additional Exceptions

Below is the unofficial translation of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) and Ministry of Labor (MOL) announcement regarding the additional provision given by the Saudi Government for Saudi Workers with problem on their iqama. It covers run away and HAJJ over stayers in the Kingdom.

According to different report, those who have problem on the workers status shall fix their status on or before Jul 3, 2013 or else they will face a big problem with the authorities.

The below mentioned documents also says that those who want to go for final exit will not be pay any penalties and they will still have a chance to go to Saudi Arabia provided they will go in the Kingdom through legal procedure.

According to MOI website

However, all expat violators of the labor and Iqama regulations, who would like to correct their situations and stay for work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, will be exempted from all punishments and fines, except for government fees, related to their violations, which took place before April 6, 2013.

A violating expat who opts to leave for good during the grace period will be exempted from the Iqama charges, labour licence, punishments and fines related to his/her violations on the previous period. However, he/she will be finger stamped; if it happened that he/she was not stamped before, taking in mind that such a measure will not bar him/her from coming back to Saudi Arabia for work, if he/she was properly recruited anew.

Translation – SPA MOI and MOL Announce Exemptions and Facilities to Rectify Status by Philippine Embassy in Riyadh

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