Recharging SAWA With ID/Iqama Numbers

Yesterday, I received a message giving instruction on how to load up my STC SAWA subscriptions. STC is now implementing the new system of loading prepaid card numbers.

So to those who did not received the message, I am now posting the message here for information purpose:

Dear Customer,

When recharging SAWA line, it is mandatory to enter your iqama/ID number through one of the following options:

  • Recharge cards: Press *155*Recharge Card Serial No.*ID number# the press call
  • Sending SMS to 1500 -  Send SMS to 1500 including *155*recharge card serial number*ID number# the press send

I hope that this simple instruction could help our readers on recharging their SAWA line.

Please be noted that we are not connected to STC and we cannot update any phone with their iqama number. Subscribers need to proceed to STC to update their iqama number for their pone.

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3 Responses

  1. Abdul Mujeeb Shaik says:


    I received a call from some1 saying that my SIM card is register on their Iqama ID’ how comes ? i am in confusion i registered on my Iqama ID and i received SMS also at the same day when i registered. Can some one help me out in this. where exactly the mistake is and how to solve this issue.

    Abdul Mujeeb Shaik.

  2. Rahees ahamad says:

    please conafram sim card activat information

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