Saadeddin Western Pastries

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Yesterday one of my friends brought us a Saadeddin Western Pastries because of my birthday, Just want to tell you that Saadeddin Pastries has really a good taste for pastries. Here are some pictures taken during our midnight snack at Dr Cafe in Riyadh.

Birthday Dex @ Dr Cafe - 15


Birthday Dex @ Dr Cafe - 13

Birthday Dex @ Dr Cafe - 12

Thanks to Jose and Bessie for this pastries :)

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2 Responses

  1. Dexter Panganiban says:

    Thanks..I am planning to make this as an affiliate site.. Since I am now banned in Adsense. I just have to target some keywords and have a constant visitors looking for Riaydh since I am here. :) This might also be a start of my local sieline business in Riyadh :) who knows..

  2. metalpig says:

    sir Dex, I like your new blog…
    photoblog + restaurants and pastries review! :)

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