Sale Alert : CityMax, Splash and Centrepoint Up to 50%

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8 Responses

  1. fathsheik says:

    Pls tell the offers

  2. Nas says:

    how about in MADENAH???

    bkit kc d uso dto advertisement pag nag sa-sale lalo na dto sa Madenah.


  3. noushad says:

    pls when the next promotion city max… in Riyadh

  4. Naughtyksa says:

    what about all brands? sale on all brands or just limited items.

  5. wardah says:

    great sale in city max and cheap prices of garments i really like city max

  6. zaheda asif says:

    when is the next sale at centre point dammam, saudi arabia?

  7. Rossi must says:

    please inform me about sale

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