Saudi to Start Ramadan Tomorrow, Wednesday

Tomorrow, The Month of Ramadan, Holy month for Muslims, starts. This is the time when Muslims do their fasting from dawn to dusk and strive to be more charitable. Since the moon sighting was not revealed last night, Ramadan will officially starts tomorrow.

Ramadan Kareem Saudi to Start Ramadan Tomorrow, Wednesday

Other Arab countries including Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar and Yemen, will also observe the start of Ramadan on Wednesday.

During Ramadan, Muslims are also required to abstain from drinking liquids, smoking and having sex from dawn until dusk. The fasting is one of the five main religious obligations under Islam.

For Non-Muslims, it is advisable not to eat in public or face the consequence. It is what I call respect, if others are fasting don’t show them that you are not fasting. Respect their beliefs.

There will also be lots of food sale during this season, last night when I went to Tamimi, lots of items is on sale. They even give a gift after our purchases reached to SAR 400.

You will also see lot’s of people outside the street even after 12:00 AM in the morning. Most of the restaurant and mall are open till 12:00 AM.

Don’t bother to check for “Bakalas” in the morning because probably they are closed. So for those who will be experiencing Ramadan in Saudi Arabia for the first time, All I can say is enjoy Ramadan Season.

For Muslims, Happy Ramadan.. or Should I say Ramadan Kareem.

pixel Saudi to Start Ramadan Tomorrow, Wednesday

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