SEC (Saudi Electric Company) Bill Free SMS and E-Mail Notification

SEC Electric Company Free SMS and E-Mail NotificationExpats in Riyadh Saudi Arabia needs to be aware about their electric payment details,  expats should be alerted if there are new bill the comes from Saudi Electric Company ( Current Electric Bill ).

But did you know that this is a free service from SEC? SEC offers SMS and Email notification every time they issue a new bill.

Expats need to enter details here , The site will ask about the phone number or e-mail and the SEC account number.

There is also other method, by enrolling the electric account through SADAD bill payment on online banking transaction, the bank will immediately informs the consumer about the current electric bill.

The site can be found at, The site also gives information about the history of electric consumption and how the electric payment is being calculated. The electric payment unit rate is higher while the consumption is becoming higher. It’s directly proportional. By the way the site is written in English, which is good for expats like me.

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  1. jahirhussain says:

    how to check electric bill

  2. sorry my mobile # is the wrong this to be correct #0505845134

  3. i need by email or sms electric bill

  4. mohamed shahanavas says:

    iam shanavas,iam an indan .i complete bsc computer science now doing mca in open scheme .my passport number is j8300857.i want to do work in sec relatedd to my qualification .if u u intrested on me ican submit my certficate

  5. tarun says:

    I am tarun

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