Send Free SMS (Text Message) from Gmail

Send Free SMS (Text Message) from GmailI was talking the other day with my officemate and he told me that he needs to send long text message to our other officemate. I told him why don’t you send free SMS ( Text Message ) through Gmail. He told me that he did not knew  it is possible.

So there is also a possibility that my readers here did not know that \ could be used text message for free.

Just follow this instruction :

1.) Login to your

2.) On your left side look for Send SMS

3.) Just Press it and enter the phone numbers

4.) Type your message and press “send”

5.) You will then see a confirmation that your message has been sent.

The recipient will then receive an SMS message coming from a certain number but the details of SMS will says that it comes from your email.

It will be great for those who always send text message to their love ones in their country.

So enjoy your free SMS message from Gmail. Just in case you do no know.

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5 Responses

  1. Jadi Akuti says:

    This is very much helpful. I got some interested buyer from Riyadh, she texted me on my mobile using her number there in Riyadh and I am from Philippines. Searched what I can do to send a reply and found this. Thanks a lot!!! This really helps. 🙂

  2. Mohammed Ayu khan says:

    Mr Nayeem Naveed
    come tomorrow this address olaya road one job is there I am i am waiting for you my NAMES KALEEM salary 45000

  3. santosh says:

    follow this link to know about free sms from wadja worldwide

  4. Shehzan says:

    Limited SMS can be sent, to get more credit balance friends must reply to your sms or send sms to your Gmail Account from your own mobile 5 extra sms credit will be credited to your account. Charges for your GSM provider will be 0.25SR

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