Share Your Child’s Little Big Moments


My wife loves to create pictures of my son with different artistic view taken from different applications from her mobile phone. She loves to record Little Big Moments of our son like the first time he crawled, stood, walked, or even the first time he had visitors. It’s a moment that we normally keep and cherish.

Nowadays, most moms prefers to take picture through their mobile phone and post it on Facebook to share with friends. Did you know that there is an online application that could convert your still photos into video? I just came to know that there is an application made by Anchor Milk Fortified. The application can upload images and write their descriptions, relating to your favorite moments ofthe child.

Upon visiting their Facebook application – you will be asked to connect your Facebook account to this application. It’s the usual question upon activating any application in Facebook.

You will then choose to make it public or friends only. The application will also ask you to upload pictures and some details of your baby. There you are, you may now create video from your uploaded pictures.

Show the world how cute your little angels are, by sharing their Little Big moments. You may want to share the links of your child’s moment. Share it in our comments section. Enjoy

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