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What will you do if your son reached into 5 years old? Perhaps you will not do anything but did you know that each year there are about two million children dies due to diarrhea. We might not know this fact but we need to be aware on how to control this death rate. Lifebuoy has been actively promoting health awareness in order to prevent diarrhea for children. According to them, washing of hands with soap is the best thing to do to prevent diarrhea for minors.

Lifebuoy is doing a Gondappa campaign to improve hygiene standards in Thesgorra Village in Madhya Pradesh by providing hand washing education to children and their families to reduce the number of children dying from infections such as diarrhea and pneumonia. Thesgora has one of the highest rates of diarrhea in India.

The video below shows how Gondappa celebrates his son’s fifth birthday through his unique way of walking on his hands. He walks on his hand when going to work, visiting the temple and in everywhere he goes. Truly a unique way of a father showing his appreciation because his son reach the age of 5.

According to Child Health Epidemiology Research Group (CHERG), Pneumonia and Diarrhea accounts 24% and 13% respectively about the causes of death at 5 years and younger in India in 2010.

Clinical research shows that hand washing with soap after using the toilet and before eating can cut the risk of diarrhea up to 45%.

You may see more information through their Facebook page here – Lifebuoy Facebook Page

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