STC Wifi Hotspot in Riyadh and other Places in Saudi Arabia

Help us to inform the public by letting us know wifi STC hotspot in Riyadh, We will update this post regularly to let the non-arabic reading people be informed about the site where they can connect to a free or rather extended service of their DSL at home.

Here is how to recover your username and password :

You will need STC AFAQ SHAMEL DSL username and password. You can recover your AFAQ SHAMEL DSL username and password by sending a short SMS to 907 contains the short code 8111 then space & then your telephone number starting with the area code (i.e 8111 014520000). ( I have succeeded in getting my username and password )


Compume – Olaya

Krispy Crème – Dahbab

Hyper Café – King Fahad


To be Updated

Al Khobar

To be Updated

If you can read Arabic : Wifi around Riyadh

iOs application : Here

It would be a great help if we can expand this list

Updates : We receive a great information from one of our readers as follows :

If you have iPhone, you can install free App called STC WiFi in iPhone.

And you can view the hotspots located in Riyadh.

You can zoom in & zoom out the map.

Please find attached screen shot captured through my iPhone.

And also this App’s icon in iPhone.

{Thanks Shehzan }

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  1. noushad says:

    sir i have a stc jood net conection and user name and password how to conect to my mobail?

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