Tablet Price @ Jarir Bookstore [November 2011] + Tips on Buying Tab

Tablet Price in Jarir Bookstore [November 2011] + Tips on Buying Tab

Here is the latest price of Tablet as shown from Jarir Bookstore catalog this November 2011, There is also tips on buying tablet below. It seems that price of tab is now going down.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, 16 GB, Wi-Fi Only – SAR 2,199 + Free Mobile Phone
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, 16 GB, 3G+Wifi Only – SAR 2,599 + Free Mobile Phone
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, 16 GB, Wi-Fi Only – SAR 1,999 + Free Mobile Phone
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, 16 GB, 3G+Wi-Fi Only – SAR 2,499 + Free Mobile Phone


  • MSI Tab 7”, ARM Cortex 1 GHz,Wi Fi Only – SR 999

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

  • Asus Eee Pad Transformer,Wi Fi Only 16 GB – SR 2099

Black Berry Playbook

  • Black Berry Playbook, Wi Fi Only – 16 GB – SAR 1,299
  • Black Berry Playbook ,Wi Fi Only- 32 GB – SAR 1,699
  • Black Berry Playbook,Wi Fi Only – 64 GB – SAR 1,999

10 Tips on Buying Your New Tablet

So here are my tips after the jump :

  1. Know your usage of the tab, will you often use it at house or mobile ? If only in house better get the Wi-Fi version only. If you are constantly travelling get the 3g so you stayed connected wherever you are.
  2. Will you save lots of info on your tab or you just used it to connect to the internet ? If it is only for connection in the net better get 16 GB capacity only and make it 32 if you love to get lots of games., If you are a business man or someone who have lots of pdf files for reading I would suggest getting 64 GB is the best thing to do.
  3. Better choose a tab with Dual Core rather than the single core.
  4. Ask your friends about their experience or ask you social media friends in Facebook or Google+, or search for reviews in Google.
  5. Think twice if possible buy on cash. It is better to enjoy your tab without thinking of paying your credit card.
  6. Will you use it for client presentation ? If the answer is yes make sure that the tab you will buy have an option to be connected to an external monitor.
  7. Check your fingers if it is small, it’s not a problem of getting a small one, but if it is big better get the larger 10.1” screen.
  8. Take into consideration the weight of the tab, specially to constant traveller.
  9. Go to Jarir Bookstore and try all the tablet first. It is all available for test.
  10. Try to check also the available accessories depending on your usage. There are some tab that accessories is hard to find in the market.
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    hello again i just want to ask if where can i buy a eepad transformer charger ,my charger is now defective.and your store do not sale a charger alone it should be a complete set again,,how is that sir

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