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Where to Get a Cheaper Price of Mobile Phone

9 Apr

There are lots of place in Riyadh where you could get different gadget at an affordable price. When it comes to mobile phones and computer accessories, buyer could get a reasonable price at Electron in Batha or in Mursalat Area. Survey from my colleagues results that Mursalat offers a better price compared to Al Batha.

Below pictures shows gadget stores in Electron , Al Batha.


Picture Taken in Electron (more…)

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iPad 2 available at iTechno in Mursalat Area

9 Apr

Just found another Apple retailer in Riyadh located in Mursalat area. I am referring to iTechno. iPad 2 is now available on a very limited quantity. I could say that iPad 2 is really fast selling at the moment. People are buying even at a very high cost. The usual law of supply and demand.

iPad 2 available at iTechno in Mursalat Area

Outside view of iTechno

iPad 2 available at iTechno in Mursalat Area

iTechno Logo and Store Banner


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SABB AQSAT offers 0% Interest Rate for BEST Customers

10 Mar

Updated Post : August 6, 2013

To Avail of SABB Aqsat follow the following steps :

Simply follow 3 convenient steps to benefit from SABB


Step 1: Use the SABB Credit Card and make a minimum purchase of SAR 1,000

Step 2: Call SABB at 800 124 8888 and request to convert the said transaction in to SABB AQSAT Plan for 6, 12 or 24 months

Step 3: Pay only the monthly installment each month for the duration of AQSAT Plan

For further details on AQSAT and for detailed terms and conditions please click the following link or alternatively you can call SABB Direct on 800 124 8888.

Check for more information {here}


We’ve just receive a message from SABB Credit Card. SABB Aqsat is now offering 0% Interest Installment Plan at all Best Electronic Outlets until April 1. Installment Plans available in 6 & 12 months period. Promo ends on April 1, 2011.

You could find computers, gym equipment, Kitchen Equipment, Electronic gadget, Computers, iPod and many more at BEST outlet.


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