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Laptop Price Comparison in Jarir Bookstore

13 Jul

I would like to share to our readers the price and specification comparison of laptop in Jarir Bookstore ( July 2011 ). This might be able to help you decide on the type and model of laptop that you need to buy

Jarir Book store.

Laptop Price Comparison in Saudi Arabia – Jarir Bookstore


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Where to Get a Cheaper Price of Mobile Phone

9 Apr

There are lots of place in Riyadh where you could get different gadget at an affordable price. When it comes to mobile phones and computer accessories, buyer could get a reasonable price at Electron in Batha or in Mursalat Area. Survey from my colleagues results that Mursalat offers a better price compared to Al Batha.

Below pictures shows gadget stores in Electron , Al Batha.


Picture Taken in Electron (more…)

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Jarir Bookstore in Riyadh

6 Mar

Please find below location of Jarir Bookstore, A place where you could buy different Tech gadgets and school supplies.

Jarir Bookstore in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Olaya Street, Near Akariyah
  • Al Ahsa Street, Malaz
  • Al Hamra, King Abdullah Road, Exit 10
  • North Ring Road, Exit 5/6
  • Al Hayat Mall, King Abdulaziz Road
  • Khurais Road, Exit 13
  • Al Badea,  Madina Munawwara St.
  • Panorama Mall, Takassusi St.

Tech Gadget includes, Laptop, Cellphone, Notebooks, different office supply, Legal Computer Programs, Apple Accessories, etc. Do no forget to get and fill Jarir membership card. All members is entitled to get 10% discount on regular items but not including the electronic items.

You could also find GO mini sales office.

As of this post SABB installment is not allowed.

The best thing is that majority of the salesman could speak English.

Additional Information About Jarir Bookstore


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