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How To Register A Week Worth of 200 Riyals, only for 20 Riyals

16 May

We would like all our reader to know that there is a good offer from STC. Your SAR 20 worth of load can now be converted to SAR 200 in a week.


Here is the details taken from STC website for your information.

Enjoy internet data and voice calls on STC network during a week worth of 200 Riyals, only for 20 Riyals subscription fees.
to subscribe send 7005 to 902

The Super 20 offer is new offer provides customers with an extra credit of SR 200. The extra credit is valid for one week from the date of subscription and enables customers to browse the Internet and make calls within STC network.
You can subscribe by send 7005 in an SMS to 902 If your subscription has been successfully processed, a confirmation SMS will be sent to you through our system as follows: (Dear Customer, your request to subscribe to the Super 20 offer has been successfully processed. You can benefit from the offer for a period of 7 days starting from the date of subscription.) also you can subscribe to other offers in combination with this offer.

How can I be sure that I will receive the extra credit?
You will receive a confirmation SMS from 902. Alternatively, you can dial *166*9# and then press the call button.

Is it possible to transfer the extra credit to another number?
No, it’s not possible.

How can I browse the Internet after I have consumed the extra credit (SR 200), which is included in the Super 20 offer?
1-You can browse the Internet by either buying one of the Internet packages available on the STC website
2-Re-subscribing to the offer and getting SR 200 extra credit.

What is the validity period of this offer?
The offer starts on 11/5/2013 and is valid for one month.

Can I use the extra credit to buy other services?
No you can’t. The extra credit can only be used to browse the Internet and make calls.

So enjoy the STC while it last.

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STC SAR 3 Weekly Deduction, How to Stop?

31 Mar

For the last 2 months I have been receiving a deduction of 3 Sar on a weekly basis (every Sunday). So I decided to investigate and learn how to stop this deduction. What I found out through my research is to contact 902.

I did it today, and I was informed that i am subscribed to STC Shopping Services. I do not know if I did it or one of my kids did it by mistake but anyway the operator told me that it is now cancelled.

I came to know also that it was the reason why I keep on receiving updates on all major sale in Saudi Arabia. I thought it was just a spam on my mobile.

So if you keep on receiving sale alert on your mobile phone, sooner or later STC will deduct SAR 3/week.

So for any problem with your STC (SAWA) mobile phone just call 902, but be patient it took me some time to enter on their system

One good thing, Call to 902 is free.

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How to Check STC SAWA Load Balance

16 Feb

Checking your remaining Mobile Load is really important. At times you are travelling and you don’t know if you need to reload or not.

In STC it is easy to know your balance, you may do it through mobile query by typing *166# and press send button on your cellphone  You may also proceed to www.stc.com.sa to check you balance as well as details of your calls.

So the next time you need to know your balance just type the above mentioned code or proceed to STC web portal.

Recharging SAWA With ID/Iqama Numbers

1 Dec

Yesterday, I received a message giving instruction on how to load up my STC SAWA subscriptions. STC is now implementing the new system of loading prepaid card numbers.

So to those who did not received the message, I am now posting the message here for information purpose:

Dear Customer,

When recharging SAWA line, it is mandatory to enter your iqama/ID number through one of the following options:

  • Recharge cards: Press *155*Recharge Card Serial No.*ID number# the press call
  • Sending SMS to 1500 -  Send SMS to 1500 including *155*recharge card serial number*ID number# the press send

I hope that this simple instruction could help our readers on recharging their SAWA line.

Please be noted that we are not connected to STC and we cannot update any phone with their iqama number. Subscribers need to proceed to STC to update their iqama number for their pone.

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Unlimited SMS From SAWA to SAWA Users

8 Aug

Did you know that there is a promotion going on at STC regarding Unlimited SMSs for free everyday between 11 p.m. and 9 a.m. during the subscription period (inside the STC network). The subscription is valid for one month.

How to subscribe:

  • To subscribe to this service, send SMS 8005 to 902.
  • To know more about this service, send SMS 8004 to 902.
  • To cancel your subscription, send SMS 8006 to 902.

Only SR 12 per month. It will be deducted from the SAWA customer’s balance immediately upon subscription.

The subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of each month.

But of course you can unsubscribe anytime by sending SMS 8006 to 902. This is good for heavy texters. Be careful this is only applicable from SAWA to SAWA subscribers. Source : STC website

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Unlimited SMS Text Message From STC

12 Jan

We just get an information that there is an ongoing promotion for SAWA users. SAWA users can get an unlimited text message for 24 hours for a price of 5 SAR. This is good for those who send more than 20 text message a day ( An SMS cost 0.25 per text message on the same STC network) . But there is a catch, it is only applicable to STC network.

So here is the instruction on how to activate the unlimited text promotion. :

Send “1” via SMS to  805615

Promotion will end on 28/01/2012

Thanks to STC for sending messages in our own language, at least now I understand how their promotion works.

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How to Transfer SAWA Credit | Recharge Transfer

8 Oct

There are times that we need to transfer load credits to other user for emergency purpose. This instruction is applicable to SAWA users in Saudi Arabia

A certain SAWA user will be able to transfer recharge load to other user as long as the number is enrolled to SAWA recharge transfer. So you can find below the instruction on how to transfer a credit to other SAWA user. This will be done in two-step.

Service Setup :
First Step :

Activate the system by sending a SMS to 1500 containing the following :
( * 122 * the last four digits of your mobile number * the new PIN you desire # )

Second step :

Send a SMS containing the following :

( * 133 * the SAWA number you wish to transfer to * the amount you wish to transfer * your PIN # )

  • SR 500 maximum credit transfer per day
  • SR 100 maximum credit transfer per transactions
  • SR 10 minimum credit transfer per transactions
Enjoy the transfer.
Update from Hamza as per comment below :

The process is changed, now its as following

an SMS to 1500, containing *133* then inputting the destination SAWA phone number, followed by ( * ), followed by the amount to be transferred, followed by ( * ) and the national identification number of the destination user, followed by #.

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The International Credit Transfer Service by STC ( SAWA )

25 May

I have tried the International Credit Transfer Service by STC SAWA and it goes smoothly. The transaction has been made for approximately 2 minutes. Here are the details that I learn from STC website.

I was charge of an amount to 32 Saudi Riyals for a PHP 300 worth of load sent to Philippines.

Here is an excerpt of information found from STC website.

The International Credit Transfer Service
The International Credit Transfer service for Sawa and Lana customers. Transfer credit from your mobile to your friends or family members living abroad as a gift which they can use to call locally and internationally.


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SAWA and Lana Customers Can Call UAE & Qatar for 69 Halala

10 Mar

I just received a text message from STC ( Saudi Telecommunication Company ), that any STC and Lana Customer can call Qatar and UAE ( United Arab Emirates ) for 69 Halala per minute on any number. Starting 11 March 2011. They did not inform the ending dates of the promotion.

Just for info : We could sell and Recharge SAWA via Online

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How to Recharge SAWA Card

26 Feb

To Recharge SAWA Card by STC ( Saudi Telecommunication Company ) , just follow one of these instructions

  • Enter *155*Voucher Number# then press send or ok
  • Dial 1500 for SAWA Users and 1555 for Lana Users then enter the voucher number
  • To check your balance dial *166# then press ok or send

We are selling SAWA Recharge Cards via Online, and we promise to provide the load within 24 hours. Or even minutes if we are online. Please be informed that we are in no way connected to STC. We are just a retailer of the SAWA Load.

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