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How to Transfer SAWA Credit | Recharge Transfer

8 Oct

There are times that we need to transfer load credits to other user for emergency purpose. This instruction is applicable to SAWA users in Saudi Arabia

A certain SAWA user will be able to transfer recharge load to other user as long as the number is enrolled to SAWA recharge transfer. So you can find below the instruction on how to transfer a credit to other SAWA user. This will be done in two-step.

Service Setup :
First Step :

Activate the system by sending a SMS to 1500 containing the following :
( * 122 * the last four digits of your mobile number * the new PIN you desire # )

Second step :

Send a SMS containing the following :

( * 133 * the SAWA number you wish to transfer to * the amount you wish to transfer * your PIN # )

  • SR 500 maximum credit transfer per day
  • SR 100 maximum credit transfer per transactions
  • SR 10 minimum credit transfer per transactions
Enjoy the transfer.
Update from Hamza as per comment below :

The process is changed, now its as following

an SMS to 1500, containing *133* then inputting the destination SAWA phone number, followed by ( * ), followed by the amount to be transferred, followed by ( * ) and the national identification number of the destination user, followed by #.

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Recharging Sawa Card via Credit Card

26 Feb

We offer selling SAWA Recharge Card via credit card. We use PayPal, a known third party payment system, that could process credit card payment. We could provide the load within 24 hrs since we need to verify payment first.if you don’t have Paypal account you can easily enroll through this link [ Paypal Enrollment - a safe and convenient way of transacting online]

So it is getting the recharge load at your convenience. We could also assist you on how to load if your are doing it for the first time.

We can also send the numbers at your mobile phone if you request.

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