Top 10 Suggested E-mail Etiquette

Top 10 Suggested E-mail Etiquette I know that this blog should have restaurant tips, gadget etc. but today just want to give some tips in writing an e-mail.

Just want to share you some tips on how not to annoy your friends when forwarding or sending e-mails.

  1. Don’t forward e-mails if you think it’s spam. Specially those chain letters.
  2. Be personal, put your name and address the person by his/her name.
  3. Avoid putting lots of person in the cc, you may use bcc instead.
  4. Proof read your e-mail before sending.
  5. Don’t be too general that as if you send the e-mail to hundreds of recipient.
  6. Remove the FW: words in the subject if it is a forwarded message.
  7. Make a signature in every e-mail that you are sending.
  8. Be straight to the point
  9. Do not write in Big Letters.
  10. Make the subject enticing to read.

I do hope that upon reading this post you will be aware on all the email you are sending to your friends. I will update this 10 E-mail tips as time pass by.

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