Unsubscribing To STC or Mobily Facebook SMS Service

facebook-logoSome of my colleagues in the office are asking on how they can unsubscribed to facebook sms which keep on charging 3 SAR. So upon searching the net, here is a suggestion that I found.

"To unsubscribe the facebook sms service just type `u` and send it to the 86677"

To unsubscribe the Facebook sms service just type `U` and send it to the 86677. For mobily users send it to 606050 and I assure you will be free from the facebook sms service for real! – Rajan

Based on the comments from above mentioned details it works like charm. In addition you can turn off the mobile notification in your Facebook settings to prevent updating your mobile. But please be advise that you will still be charge with 75 halala for STC on unsubscribing to this service.

I hope this deactivation procedure will help searches for this problem.

Other readers might need this information later.

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9 Responses

  1. Sajad Malik says:

    Hi best of Riyadh,
    I am been deduced 6 halala’s every 10 to 20 minutes and it is sucking all my charge I purchase. Went to STC Customer care, they said send blank sms to 800444; tried that for no benefit…called upon STC CSS again, and after a painful wait of automated response, they suggest the same.
    Can you please help?

  2. Fazil says:

    For those who didnt got it worked, Try this:

    Send Blank SMS to 800444
    This Will show ur Subcriptions and deactivate Code.
    To deactivate FB: send ‘U 44201’ to 800444
    to deactivate Twitter: send ‘U 44351’ to 800444
    [WithOut Quotes]

    Worked For me 🙂

  3. Noel Q says:

    Yes I did send “U” to 86677 (STC) but still the next day I was deducted 40 halalas. ALTHOUGH THERE’S CONFIRMATION THE YOU ALREADY UNSUBSCRIBE TO FACEBOOK, THIS DOES NOT WORKED!

  4. Sharjeel Pipeline says:

    It works!!!!!

  5. Fahad Zubairi says:

    I also had the same problem, and what a waste of credit this is.. Now solved.

  6. Adil Malik says:

    it Worked!!
    Thanks a Million!
    Successfully unsubscribed !

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