Importance of G-mail Account

18 Jan

Most email users have overlooked the importance of creating Gmail account. If you are one of those people who say that Gmail is just an option for sending and receiving mails, you are wrong. Gmail is more than just emails. It is one of the wonderful products by Google for both individual and corporate users. The following are some of the benefits you get from using Gmail.

Search up inbox and outbox

Your Gmail account gives you the opportunity to retrieve old emails with ease. All you need to do is type the name or address of the specific sender or recipient and all emails with that contact identity are displayed.

Reference to past conversations

Whether it is a message in your chat window or in your inbox, Gmail displays all mails according to the criteria you choose. You can create different folders for each person in your contact list for future reference. It is also easier to group all email conversations with a specific person for easier reference. Mails are given star ratings according to their level of importance, depending on how you interact with your contact people. login

Out of office auto response

If you are going for the holidays, you can always send an auto response to your contacts or even new contacts. Choose the most appropriate settings from your settings tab and set the auto response you wish to deliver to your contacts. You can even refer people in your contact list to a third party who will attend to their queries for the period you will be away. This saves you the time you would have spent browsing through unread mails after your vacation.

Automatic signature

With Gmail, you do not have to keep signing your emails. Just set your standard signature and it will always display whenever you send emails.

Invisibility feature

Not everyone should know when you are online. If you do not wish to chat, you can always make yourself invisible by changing your chat settings. In addition, you can change to “busy” if you are working on some project and do not wish to be disturbed by your contact people. If you wish to block a person, you can also do so. Filter emails to match your preference. Block mails from an unknown sources and direct span mail to the trash box by changing your settings.

Creation and sharing of documents

You can even link your other accounts to your new Gmail account so that you read all your mails from your Gmail account. Any word or excel attachments can be viewed directly from your Gmail account without downloading them. Gmail gives you the opportunity to create new documents and modify the ones you already have, then store online or share with friends without having to open any new applications. These are some of the features that make Gmail accounts superior to other types of accounts. Save your time and get maximum benefits by opening a Gmail account.

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