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New Year, Updated About Page


As part of my continued effort to improve this site, I am now updating this about page after 2 years of being online. First of all, I am Dexter, Filipino and working in Saudi Arabia for almost 12 years. I have been blogging for more than 7 years but most of my blogs and website is related to Philippines. I just decided to make this blog to detail my experience as well as to have logs about the great memories in Riyadh. But time pass by and my site gains lots of visitors and maintaining site is not easy and at the same time costly. It is also the reason why you can see advertisers in my blog. They are the one who helps me maintain this site. Hosting fee, Domain Fee, and others. ¬†You may help me expand this blog by sharing us your restaurant reviews or any other reviews in Riyadh, as long as you will give me an information that will not endanger the blog and the writer with the laws of Saudi Arabia, I don’t have problem on posting it on my site. be informed also that the site is monitored by Ministry of Information and my details as an owner of the site is submitted to them.

I am also available for any speaking engagement on English speaking audience but of-course it might incur professional fee. But sometimes we can make it free. It all depends on the situation. So if you want to have seminars or information resource speaker for your company just let me know and we can source it out.

I know subject about Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing, Blogging and more.

First Update


Today is 10.10.10 and so I decided to start this blog, I actually have this idea after searching for some information here in Riyadh Saudi Arabia and it took me some time to get those information over the internet. I though that if I have this weblog, I could record every information that I could get here in Riyadh and eventually it might help my fellow expats for them to enjoy while staying in Riyadh. We will try to give updates about the restaurants, best places to visit, new technology, ways to get flight information, and other information that an expat might require while roaming in Saudi Arabia.

We might also assist you in getting things if you are leaving far from Riyadh. You may use our contact for advertisement or inquiry about the site.