BlackBerry Bold 9900 User Review

Today, I would like to present my review for Blackberry Bold 9900 phone in a newbie perspective, newbie since it’s first time for me to review a blackberry phone. I always review Android and iOS phone. Since I am totally noob when it comes to blackberry, Google plays an important role in my review. There are lots of tips for blackberry online and I could say that you can find  almost everything you want to find about blackberry by typing it in  Google. I also want to thank BlackBerry Middle East ( @ME_BlackBerry )for sending me a review unit here in Riyadh.

SO here is my review for the unit.

What about the User Interface?

UI is totally different from Android and iOs Phone, so if you are shifting from android to Blackberry you need to do some research and net browsing in order for you to be used to the UI of Blackberry. As an example you need to navigate among the apps to see the video camera. I love the speed of the unit.The Qwerty keypad helps a lot in typing.

Screen Size?

For this particular model, Bold 9900 screen size is not a plus factor since the  screen is small. Compare to other phone in the market  the screen size is lagging.  But I could say that it’s smaller screen size has an advantage on watching youtube. It is loading faster compared to other phone.

Battery Life?

Even the unit that was sent to me is not new, the battery life is  better than my HTC HD2, and I cannot feel any heat dissipation from  it’s battery. It can reach up to 2 days on standby mode.


Based on statistics, Black Berry Application is less compared to iOs  and Android, But it is good that almost all of my required application  as a blogger and engineer is available in BlackBerry. Social Media  Apps are available, but sorry to tell that still there is no instagram for BB. Twitter, Facebook and others are available for download in the app store.

Bold 9900 Specification :

BlackBerry Bold 9900 comes with a 2.8-inch capacitive touch screen and a magnificent resolution for its size – 640×480. It is a quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE handset, and also supports a tri-band HSPA. This device also sports a 5MP camera, 768MB of RAM and a 8GB build-in memory. It  is set to launch with BlackBerry OS 7 and NFC support.

Sound System

Sound system is also good and is great to be used as a music player if you love hearing music while on the go. But of course it will eat up lots of your battery.

The Body

The aluminum body make s you feel that the phone is strong and will not easily destroyed if it falls unintentionally. The weight is just normal and it’s size is a perfect fit for the pocket.

Transferring Files

I don’t know if there is any other way to transfer file from BB to computer instead of using the Blackberry desktop application. Normally in Android you will be asked if you want your phone to be used as storage or to be connected to the phone system. When I first tried to connect the pictures I took during my review, I was not able to retrieve the files not until I install the BlackBerry Application that was part of the box.


My over all experience with BlackBerry Bold 9900 was great and I would love to review other BB phone with bigger screen.

So here is our sample video taken by the phone.


And this is the sample pictures taken:

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Sample Picture

At The Office

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Sample Picture

On the Go

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Sample Picture

My Table

I have previously posted an unboxing photos of the phone at my other blog “ Black Berry Bold 9900 In The Flesh “

I hope that you like my review for this phone.

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