Donate a Milk for Free, to a child who needs it



What if I tell you that you can donate a milk to a child who needs it? What will you do? Will you act on it, or simply disregard it? For me, the first thing I did when I saw this on my email, is to immediately went to the site and send my pledge to give 7 glass of Milk to those child in need. It is FREE to donate. Cobone and Nido team together to bring this good cause. After getting cobone I received an explanation on why they are doing this as follow:

  • For 70 years, Nestlé NIDO® has been celebrating mothers’ unconditional love, standing by their side as they raised and nurtured their children
  • This nutritious fortified milk, since then, has been part of moms’ journey to help nourish their growing children
  • To mark the 70 years of NIDO®, the brand is committed to take this contribution to another level, and make a greater impact in the lives of children in the region
  • Simply click on the Buy button and you can donate 7 glasses of NIDO® FortiGrow Milk to a child who needs it. It’s free!
  • With every pledge you take, NIDO® will give 7 glasses of milk to a child who needs it
  • With your help, NIDO® aims to collect ONE MILLION pledges, so that 7 million glasses of milk can be provided to these children
  • It’s only your love that will make this possible. Let’s help raise a healthier generation together!
  • Make a nutritious choice to support your child’s healthy growth and development with NESTLÉ® NIDO® FortiGrow Milk

It is actually NIDO marketing and helping in one, and I must admit I like the idea. Here is the Cobone Site : Deadline 26.03.2015 23:59 So Hurry take your part.

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