Excited for Mobily E-life 100 MBps (Fiber Optic Connection)

Dexter Panganiban

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10 Responses

  1. aamir says:

    i have issue with Mobily Elife Fiber Connection, I am unable to Register My SIP Soft Phone with Mobily Elife Connection, if i am using Mobily 4G Service i am able to Register My SIP Soft Phone, Also i have try with STC Network it is working Fine, but only Mobily Elife have some issue i have try many time but my SIP Soft Phone not Register. i believe Mobily Block Some SIP Live IPs or some SIP Ports.

  2. Bilal Khan says:

    Hey Dexter, try downloading torrents and tell us your average speed.

    Dont pay 500 every month for 100Mbps, 20Mbps is enough for anyone. Trust me i download more than 200GB per month with 20Mbps from STC Fiber.

    Save your money dude 🙂

  3. Falaq Iqbal says:

    Hey bro i am thinking of switching to mobily elife package (25mbps) as they have installed a black box near the front door of my building but i am not convinced about their services i have heard a lot of problems with it. Like i heard that they have some fair usage policy which limits an internet connect to download 1 GB per day and if it is reached they restrict the bandwidth to 512 kbps. I am a heavy use so is it true that this limit exist or have you encountered it.. Thanx in advance Plz reply soon

  4. Junaid says:

    Donot sign up! I signed up 10 days back and still no sign of installer or installation , I have complained a 100 times and they donot care!

  1. August 21, 2013

    […] have already told you that we have shifted to Mobily E-Life from STC and after consuming the 1st free months I have to pay for our monthly subscription. […]

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