Exclusive To SABB Credit Card Owner | 25 % Discount at SACO [October 3-5]

We would like to inform you that once again, SACO and SABB decided to implement the 25% Discount from all the items that can be bought from SACO using SABB Credit Card. This is once a year opportunity. Last Year, I bought power tools, like grinder, drill and jig saw.

SACO is known to supply very good construction tools as well as House Accessories and Tools.

Here at Best Of Riyadh, we love sale and discount and we are glad to be of help to all our readers.

Check the location and contact numbers of SACO in Saudi Arabia.

Enjoy your shopping and I hope you can get what you want. As a piece of advise be early because lots of people will go to SACO from Today until Sept 5. October 5. The sale will last from September 3, to September 5, 2012. October 3-5. But of course offers is valid while there is supply.

3 Responses

  1. Aida says:


    Is this once a year only? I remember being there last time they had the offer,
    I have big purchases to make and i am afraid i will get the offer right after my purchase.
    So you are sure its only once a year?

  2. Ian says:

    Thanks for the update but September 3-5 !!!!! Need to wait 11 months for that. 🙂

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