eXtra on-sale from 20 November until 24 November


All eXtra stores all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are on sale from  20 November until 24 November. If you don’t want to fall in line, you can purchase sale items on their website at http://www.extrastores.com. However there are items that can only be bought in Store. You can see “In store only” tags on those items. Sale items includes television, tablet, mobile phones, and different gadget and household items and many more. According to their site, the discounts ranges from 10% to 50%. Ofcourse there are some items not included in their sale.


Here are eXtra stores with phone number , address and GPS coordinates and store hours. Just a friendly reminder if you are buried with debt, sale is nonsense.

Riyadh - Worood
Riyadh - Suwaidy
Riyadh - Ghurnata
Riyadh - Khurais
Riyadh - Al Raed
Riyadh - Rimal
Riyadh - Badiya
Riyadh - Al Sahafa

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