Red Ferrari Baby Walker Review

It is only 5 months ago that I blogged about my youngest son Nathaniel, whom we call “Nat Nat”. He is growing fast. He drink lots of milk and just 2 days ago he started eating baby foods as advised by the doctor. Time flies really fast and my son, seems like standing than lying on the bed. It is also the the reason why we decided to buy a baby walker for him. Upon visiting Centerpoint. I saw an attractive baby walker called Ferrari Walker. It’s price is higher than the ordinary walker but it looks a lot better than those in the display area.

BTW most of our baby accessories are bought from Centerpoint because of the points that I can get through Shukran card.

The walker has lots of safety feature like rubber under the walker as shown in the picture, i believe it is used for protection for baby’s feet.

Ferrari Walker -Rubber Under Bumper

Rubber Under Bumper

There are also variables sounds attached to the walker. Believed kids will enjoy the sound and the little vibration it could create while the sound is playing.

Ferrari Walker  Different Sounds

Nathaniel exploring different sounds

I can also see how comfortable is my son when sitting on this baby walker. We also like the design. See walker’s top view shown below.

Ferrari Walker (33)

Here are more pics for you to enjoy.

Press the pictures to see bigger pictures.

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