Final Exit Visa Requirements

Dexter Panganiban

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26 Responses

  1. Anthon Van Domingo says:

    i have illegal parking violation and the police just gave me yellow reciepts. unfortunately,until now i don’t receive any sms regarding my violation. even in my MOI is not show, it is already 5 months since it was happened. i tried to go in the moror but they said just wait.
    i am planning to exit this march 2018. is their any possibility that i cannot get final exit visa?

  2. Jerome Resayaga says:

    Good Day Sir,

    I already resigned to my company last Oct.5,2017 and already filed a final exit visa, due to settlement problem my exit visa got expired. my question is
    Is it reasonable to renew first my iquama in order to renew my exit visa. Is it advisable? The problem is this in order to renew my iquama i have to enroll to saudi council of engineers even I already filed an final exit visa.

  3. Shadi says:

    Hi. Sir how,s i can get transfer ( tnazool .). Illegal from my company . And my iqama have 1month in expiry .plzz tell me .

  4. rene heba says:

    hi. is it possible to get an exit visa if i have a car in my iqama? i have a 2nd hand car i purchase. please help me. thanks

  5. kaye says:

    Hi sir. How to get exit visa for my 3 months old baby? Jawazat here in al ahsa told me that’s there’s no worry . My baby and my husband can exit alatul in the airport without exit visa and iqama for my baby. Only I will present his birth certificate in the immigration so that they can exit. My husband is just for visit visa. Pls help me what to do.

  6. viramel says:

    Do we need to close also our Mobile Phone line?

  7. Pedrito Malana says:

    I applied for my daughter’s final exit online and approved. Do I need to get a copy of Exit to bring with my daughter with her to show to the immigration before upon departure?

  8. gp says:

    can i get an exit without returning the car lease i had? i checked it in moi system, there is no car under my name, and no authorize car for me? thanks!

  9. gp says:

    how true that if you have a car lease on your name that you can not go for final exit in the ksa?

  10. Ray says:

    Hi Sir,
    I have these inquiries.
    1. I am nearing my exit on Nov 3, Do I really need a police clearance even thou I will not return working here anymore?
    2. My employer applies online for exit visa and told me to hold on to my iqama and have it surrender at the airport immigration when I go back home. Can I really surrender my iqama in the airport o should I go to a Passport Dept in Riyadh?
    3. I am on payroll on a NCB bank which my company gives, should I go to the bank and let them close my account. I don’t have Credit Card account either. So Its ok for me not to go there?

    • 1.) Police Clearance is not a requirement of Saudi Arabia, but it is for you. If by time you will have a chance to go to Australia, Canada, USA or any other Country that is the time that you will be needing to have a Saudi Police Clearance in order to proove your good staning in Saudi Arabia.
      2.) Yes , Iqama will be surrendered in the Airport
      3.) You may or may not close the bank account, but If I were you just proceed to the bank and close it.
      Hope this response help you.

      • Ray says:

        Hi Sir Dexter,
        Thank you for the fast reply.
        Can you tell me what agency inside the Airport should I go to surrender my Iqama? Or the is a help desk there that can be of assistance?
        I read so much article in the internet regarding Iqama surrendering, some say in Passport Department in Riyadh and they disallow Iqama surrendered in the airport.
        Although my employer is doing the Exit Visa Online and I will request for a copy when the process will be finish by then Oct 31 I will have my passport with me.
        Do I need anything else aside from my Passport, Exit Visa at Iqama?
        Thank you again.

        • What I know is that it will be surrender in the immigration area. (This is the last information that I know), I don’t know if there is any change. Nowadays exit visa are all being doe online, and you should receive a text message that you got your visa if you are enrolled in Absher

  11. oreo says:

    its really needed to re-run or to make data flow again before they give a exit visa?

  12. Arnold Leyes says:

    They holding me .. I finidh my contract last january 2016 then I sign excit paper ive been extension one month till now im still here can u help me wht to do

  13. Sultan says:

    Travel at least one week before your final exit visa expire, Make sure you ready with your booked ticket. Do not keep more money with you, As you are going on final exit, you can send money with your friend iqama. You can check your final exit validity or expiry date also to make sure

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