Fingerprinting Made Mandatory for Expat Children Above 6 Years Old

Update April 10, 2016: Me and my kids (2 sons) went to Sahara Mall and make their finger-print with MOI for only 10 minutes. Ladies and boys are separated. I can say that it is much easier when we make my wife and daughter finger print before.


In the recent report made by Arab News, It has been reported that Finger Printing for dependents aged 6 years old and above is now mandatory. For my family, my daughter and my wife have completed their finger printing using the MOI facility through Sahara Mall. I am trying to find more information about this matter since I have 2 kids which will fall under this category. We arrived last January 12 from vacation but we were not informed in the  airport. Probably because the news came out after our arrival.

A quote from Arab News report

” Talal Al-Shalhoub, spokesman for the department, said expat families who have children covered by this new regulation should register urgently. Failure to do so could result in denial of services for an expat family. “

Some question that we need to find answers as follows

  1. Where will be the new location for processing? Is available in malls and what will be the timing.
  2. Will this be for both boys and girls?
  3. What will be the problem if it is not done prior to your vacation?
  4. Can this be done in the airport?

We will try to update this post and give more information as it becomes available. If you know more information than what we have read in the Arab News, please let us know so we can update the post for the benefit of other expats.

Source : Arab News

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  1. Mohammed says:

    Is there any center in riyadh saptco

  2. saifudeen says:

    My family in vacation and they will come back after 4 months only. I am also in worry as there is no clarity for the news of allowed time duration

  3. Sibil Mohammed says:

    I read the Arab-news article and went to the Jawazat office in Sahara mall on 17/01/2016 for registering the fingerprint of my daughter. The officer told me that it is not needed & he has not received any new notification regarding the it. He added that it is better to take after 16 years.

    Hope it helps.

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