How to Get the Birth Certificate for Newly Born Child in Saudi Arabia

Dexter Panganiban

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67 Responses

  1. samson says:

    about penalty how much will be penalty for 11month baby please need your useful advice

  2. ammar says:

    Mr. Dexter,

    My child is born in dammam hospital. can i get the ahwal madni in riyadh for birth certificate?

  3. baste says:

    ask ko lang po sir kc asawako walang account sa absher pede bang sa akin nalang ang gamitin ko pero babae ako?

  4. Abu Mark says:

    Hello, everybody, it seems that I am not alone in this problem of getting an appointment. Since Nov 28, 2016, I am trying and until now Dec 3, 2016, hoping there would be an open slot in Nasariya branch. Anyhow, still praying and waiting for the scheduled appointment to be out. But is there anybody able to find out if they will accommodate us even without an appointment there in Nasiriyah, Civil Affairs office?

  5. Mary says:

    Kasi po nghigpitan daw ang mgaprocess ngaun ng mga papel.. lalo na sa iqama.. sana po matulungan mo ako.. salamat po.. godbless.

  6. Mary says:

    Sir dex.. mahirap pong kumuha ngaun ng schedule kasi wla pa silng list.. maari po bang pumunta ng lnd doon agad?.. kasi last month ko po pinanganak ang bby ko.m tapos plano naming umuwi this dec.. kung mghihintay pa po ako ng scedule baka.mahuli kami?.. need po bang mg pa iqama talaga para makauwi si bby or ok lng ang passport? Please help me na man po ohh.

    • Alam ko po kaya mahirap ngayon is there will be new system na gagawin sa mga fees like visa fees this october. Kailangan po na may iqama si baby para po makauwi.. Kasi po para sa VISA. Di po maissuehan ng VISA Without iqama. Pwede nyo na po iprocess ang Passport even without iqama. Ok na po yung hospital notification.

      • Aj says:

        Boss Dex, after po makuha ang Saudi Birth Certificate, other people have informed me that this will need stamping (Not sure what stamp) before it will be official and be translated. May I know po if this is true? Salamat po

        • I remember before that they asked me in Philippine Embasssy to have it stamped. But until this time, I have not yet made it. But I think it is better to get it stamped for future reference. For us Filipino the offcial Birth Certificate is the one that is being submitted in the Philippine Embassy.

  7. Karl says:

    Hi Lheonel,
    I am also experiencing the same. I’ve been trying all day to get an appointment but unfortunately no luck. Your comment was almost 2 weeks now… Were you able to get the appointment successfully or still waiting to open? Also, will it work if we visit Nasriyah personally to get the appointment?

  8. nadar says:

    dear sir
    i would like to ask about appointment at jeddah, since 1 july i’ve try to book appointment but there’s no appointment available. so what will i do now ??? because im very need urgent because want to travel outside kingdom next month.

    • Jawad says:

      hey any luck? what did u do about the birth certificate? Im trying for an appointment in Jeddah but same “unavailable appointments” message..!!!

  9. adee says:

    I am living in riyad. Is it possible for me to select any branch that comes under riyad for issuing of birth certificate.They are showing 11 branches

  10. Safi Ahmed says:

    Very very nice info Dexter Panganiban.
    May Allah give you benefit Inshallah

  11. LheoneL says:

    Kabayan my son was born last may 17 2016 and i didnt process his birth certificate to be official as of now and i recently got an appointment on august 3 2016 how much penalty do i need to pay and i saw an amount of 50SR for the penalty for clarification is that amout is fine for every succeeding month from the day he was born or that is standard fee until before 1 year old thank you in advance

    • Sir sa pagkakaalam ko ay one time fine lang iyon. I don’t know if it increases already./ It would be great if we can have feed back after your completion.

      • LheoneL says:

        Thank you for your feedback sir tama po kayo one time nga lang po kaso until now di pako nakakapag pa book since i made this message lagi nlang no appointment available sa Nasriyah branch hays nag try ako ,ag pa appointment ng ibang branch di nila tinaggap dun kung asriyah ka nasriyah daw talaga anyways i always check halos every day sana maka kuha na ang 3 months na ng baby ko ngayon

        Thank you

  12. Novee says:

    Thanks, very informative. Can i ask would there be a problem in processing the birth certificate if the mother’s passport&ìqama indicates her single name& single status?

    • They will be looking for the Marriage certificate. Actually I do not know the answer to your question but I would be best for your to process your document as married to avoid any further problem

  13. vijeyesh says:

    I have taken appointment on 23/08/2016 and my child birth day is on 05/07/2016. So when i go there for birth certificate one will exceed. i need to pay fine. If yes please tell how to pay before i am going

  14. Lennon says:

    Hi dexter praise be to God! My wife just give birth last nov 24 2015 but unfortunately the hospital where she gave birth wont give us the birth notification. We got married on july 8,2015 and that time she was already 3 months pregnant according to the hospital in charge we have to move the date so that we can have the birth notification. It is part of the rules in saudi arabia. How we will do that? I have friends from other hospitals who were issued birth notification even they got married after delivery. I have raised this issued to our embassy but they cannot help us also. My child already have passport and birth certificate from philippines nso but still we cannot process his iqama because we need the birth notification from the hospital. Our son already 7 months old now and we want to bring him home in dec 2016 please help us

  15. haidee says:

    new born babies need no appointment in the embassy. info might be of help 🙂

  16. sandeep says:

    Now the appointments are closed for Riyadh, When we can expect the next slot for the appointments. Kindly help me on this.

  17. Farooq says:

    Dear Dexter, Can you please advice for booking appointment at Riyadh, We are trying from last 2 weeks but no appointment is available…Is there other way or we can register birth at closes civil affairs branch like kharj ? Please advice

  18. Sheila says:

    Hello Sir! I am 24 years old Filipino, was born and raised here..i only have my birth report from the hospital. My father is unaware na there should be a birth certifcate pa from Ahwal Madani. In this case, you know po ba how much will be the penalty and where to pay? We got an appointment this coming May 8. Hoping for a response from you. Thanks

    • Naku wala po ako idea. But paano po kayo nabigyan ng Passport? The report in the Philippine Embassy is the one that is being given in our country and serves as our birth certifcate

  19. Alex says:

    Why in jeddah is no appointment my daughter born in march 26 until now there is no appointment available, what will i do dexter thanks

  20. fahad casidar says:

    kuya dex, can u help me also my baby is almost 6 month. I have an appointment 05/04/2016. my baby born on 10 august 15.I am now late for my booked appointment. Magkano kaya ang PENALTY PAYMENT ko thanx.

  21. Hussain says:

    Dear brother can you explain detail procedure and I am not having iqama as I am from indai and my wife is in saudi. Can I go on visit visa.

  22. Muhsin says:

    Do they ask for marriage certificate?

  23. Muhsin says:

    Dear what to do now, as there is no appointment available for jeddah, is there any other branch in jeddah, in the list given in website.

    • Jawad says:

      hey any luck? what did u do about the birth certificate? Im trying for an appointment in Jeddah but same “unavailable appointments” message..!!!

  24. Nell Carreon says:

    Hi Dexter!
    It’s been 3 months now since my wife gave birth to our daughter and until now i haven’t process her birth certificate. We encountered problem with regards to our marriage certificate, it does not have a seal from saudi embassy in our country(which we are not aware of). We just received the document few days ago. My question is aside from the penalty (50sr) for the late registration, is there a duration given by the government wherein we must register our newborn baby? Secondly, online appointment for the jeddah is not available. Can we just choose other city or region instead for compliance or having the print out required? And lastly can you give me some link wherein i can get info in processing my baby’s passport/iqama and medical insurance? your response will be of great help for me and i really apreciate it. Thanks and God bless!


    • I believe it should be registered before 1 years old. But I am not sure about the conformation aof this

      Secondly, online appointment for the jeddah is not available. >> There should be from jeddah. I believe all major city is available. They will check the birth certificate.

      For the Passport it depends on what nationality are you. For the iqama normally the company is the one who process this matter as long as you give the birth registration to them.

  25. azeem says:

    how to pay through

  26. angelie di says:

    hello. do we need to bring the original passport or photocopy will do? thank u

  27. Alexandru Tudose says:

    Hello Dexter. I found great information on your blog. Regarding the obtaining a birth certificate. I am in the same situation as you were before:) I am late with the registration due to booked places. So, our child was born 1.1.2016 and they booked me 4th February for MOI. As I understood I will pay a 50 SAR fee. Do you know how can I pay it. I tried with my Internet Banking, I choose Civil Registration, birth registration and put my id number, birth date and all the information and the message said that the customer can not complete the action. Did you experienced this situation? Regards, Alexandru

  28. Muhammad says:

    Hello …i want some information. ..My wife due date is 16 feb 2016 so on which date i have to register..for birth certificate. 2 moths or something like that. ..n how much time hospital take to give birth certificate of baby after delivery. ..and on which date i do my all procedure. ..plz can u tell me step by step..

  29. ahmad says:

    is there any due date or time limit for getting iqama of newborn from jawazzat? and after time limit any fine need to pay?

  30. shahid says:

    Now also they will take the penalty as cash or we have to do ATM

  31. Atif says:

    How are you?
    Can you please tell me how did you pay the penalty for your child?

    • I just paid it through their cashier. Without receipt

      • Dr. Zeeshan Siddiqui says:

        Dear Brother,
        Your post and comments are very helpful. I have an appointment after 2 days (04 Jan ’16). I had a baby-girl born on 29 Nov ’15. As my new born came in this world a few days early, I am now late for my ‘already’ booked appointment. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any recent one.

        Can you please kindly tell me the procedure of PENALTY PAYMENT in detail please? Like how did you pay? from which window? before or after the submission of documents? who told you to pay? Please elaborate it completely.

        Thanks for your wonderful job.

  32. Sumaira says:

    thank you so much for describing step by step procedure of getting new born’s birth certificate. will wait for your next blog on getting new born’s passport.
    good luck!

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