Have You Registered Your SIM Card ?

Dexter Panganiban

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40 Responses

  1. aminullah says:

    Salam o alikum. meray mobily sim pay . Puk code. laga he .mobily number. ye he. 0546459341. Plz. sir bohak arjant he. shokriya

  2. M.Jahan says:

    Dear Sir,
    I Have zain postpaid sim card( mob No: 00966599051771), i want pay money through al rajhi ATM card, I have tried but machine asking ZAIN account number for me, how to get account number


  3. khawajt says:

    I cannot access my stc account. So I cannot recharge. My account #0531634378

  4. salauddin says:

    i want upded my sim

  5. noor muhammad muhammad nawaz says:

    please register my sim card zain

    sim number XXXXXX

    eqama number XXXXX

    iccid XXXXXX

    • @noor muhammad muhammad nawaz,

      First of all by purpose i have remove your details for security. It can only be updated in the STC/Mobily/Zain Office or branch. You have to let them update your details so that you could load up.

    • shahfahad says:

      @noor muhammad muhammad nawaz,

      asslamalikum brother my name Shah Fahad Recently i worked in Dammam but still my Sim not Updated its my Three Times to gives the IQama and Sime photo Copies but Still not Updated my Sime

    • yog prasad gurung says:

      @noor muhammad muhammad nawaz, sir want to regesstry for my zin sim

  6. osama salahaldin taha says:

    plz calu kar do

  7. malik says:

    How can I register my Zain sim on my iqama via sms or online?

  8. milon mondal says:

    @milon mondal, 89966312117888903

  9. waheed says:

    how can i register my sim

  10. waheed says:

    register sim

  11. not rechagian crad loading plz.me

  12. Aasam says:

    How to registor stc data sim card oline??????

  13. emerita pascual says:

    please register my stc sim card.
    eqama # XXXXXXXXX

    • @emerita pascual,

      I intentionally delete the phone and your iqama number to protect you from frau. Anyway please be informed that we are in now way connected to STC, Mobily or Zain, i suggest you to go to any of STC office and update your details for you to be able to load up.

      • emerita pascual says:

        @Best of Riyadh, thank you so much. my stc number have already sucessfully registered to me and be able to load up. once again thnk you so much for deleting my phone and eqama number for protecting me. best wishes!

  14. jorge alejandro says:

    how can I registered my mobily simcard?

  15. IMRAN ANWAR says:


    • Muhammad shoaib says:


      Dear Imran anwar, app Is trah msg k through apni stc sim Registered ker sktay hain

      Write in msg

      5855(space)your Iqama number

      and send msg to 902

  16. mohammed abdul majeed says:

    i am using 8 years sawa number this is my name is regeterd today i am try recharge to my phone is not recharge pls as so nose possible activete my nuber my aqama number XXXXXXX my mobile number is XXXXXX thnks for ur co operation

    • @mohammed abdul majeed,

      The best thing to do is go to the nearest stc center and update your iqama. You just have to fall in line since many people are also trying to update their details.

      • k says:

        @Best of Riyadh, is there any possible way (aside from going to the stc office) to register another stc number?(i mean in addition to the first registered number). It means that 2 numbers with 1 iqama #.

  17. not recharge card loading pleeses helf me

  18. sakeer hussain parambate says:


  19. sakeer hussain parambate says:

    sim card ragisthor

  20. masoodafghan says:


  21. Sarfaraz says:

    What about people living on temporary basis, like on a business visit visa. Which ID to register then? Passport? and what is the procedure.

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