How to Check for Saher Traffic Camera Violations

Dexter Panganiban

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18 Responses

  1. Sumith says:

    How to check traffic fine by car number plate in ksa

  2. Sultan says:

    You can check your traffic violations online through Ministry Of Interior website, By just entering your iqama number and catchpa code.

  3. Saleha Dadabhoy says:

    Now there is no need to wait for the SMS from the traffic police to know about the traffic violation fined to you. You can check it from MOI website. The procedure to check traffic violation under your Iqama is explained in the link below.

  4. ABDULRAHMAN says:


  5. Jeffrey says:

    As of now how much is fine for beating the red light.. This evening saher camera caught me for beating the red light. When I passed the signal light there is 3 seconds left and camera caught me, I thought there is 3 more second allowance after green light. How much is the penalty in that case.

  6. Agustin Nalagon says:

    My plate number was stolen and used by thief to other car and got violation before i make report to the Police, now i py the violation and got also same plate number from traffic police. but i still receiving violation notice from my stolen plate, im also under processing of my renewal of iqama. i already report to saher about this case. what can i do solve and stop to register to my Iqama. Please help me

    • @Agustin Nalagon,

      As far as I know, you can always go to police and file a complain in every violation that you have and if they will find it out that it is not you or either not your car, they can remove the violation.

      • AGUSTIN NALAGON says:

        @Best of Riyadh,

        Thanks for your reply, Is there any chance to change the registration of my car (mean change the Plate Number) so that totally it will not come to my iqama coz this is very disturbing to my work and especially now I am on the process renewal of my IQAMA last Dec 2 i pay SR 1000 for violation that is not mine and they make my IQama renew again they found another violation yesterday of SR 500…so they didn’t make renew…how long i could make complain to traffic police…


          I am not really sure for the time frame, but i remember my friend going to the police station and on that same day he was able to see the captured picture of the camera. and found out that he is really the one driving the car., Perhaps some of our readers here will be able to tell us of any experience in removing their violation.

  7. IRFAN says:

    Dear how i can check traffic violation
    with car no plate plz help

  8. ali hussen says:

    1 month ago i gate violation paper stiil know nothing is appear so how can i pay b4 it’s coming doubble?

  9. Bilal says:

    How to know the sponsor ID to be entered at MOI website?

  10. Ali says:

    very informatic and usefull thanks for sharing these info

  1. January 21, 2015

    […] a recent news as posted by Arabnews, they have reported that drivers having Traffic violation can check and even say their objection via online through . It can be accessed by […]

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