How to Renew Driving License in Riyadh Saudi Arabia

saudi driving license

It was about 2 days ago when I renewed my Saudi Driving license, It was a surprise how easy to renew the driving license in Riyadh compared to other country. The actual renewal of my driving license took only 10 minutes. Here is the instruction on how to do it:

  • Before going to the police station, you need to pay via internet or via ATM the amount of 400 Riyals ( 10 Years) . You just have to know your IQAMA number and choose driving license renewal via Sadad Bill Payment. ( If you don’t have bank account- there are Saudi’s in the police station who will offer to transfer money to your account via mobile transfer but with an additional fee)
  • After payment, proceed to the Police station (For me I went to Malaz area near the Security forces hospital, The hardest things is to get the parking space)
  • When inside renewal area proceed to the specific police officer  that receives driving license renewal.
  • Just give your old driving license and your iqama. He will just update the system with your new mobile phone number and then he will let you sit down for a while.
  • In juts after 5 to 10 minutes you will be called and you will get your new license effective for 10 years. ( No need to fill up the application form)

I must congratulate Saudi Arabia Traffic Department for having a very fast service on driving license renewal.

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14 Responses

  1. sunil says:

    i renew my licence throw online .after i get the message .when i went to dalha the told their are not issue the card their .must go malaz where i get my renewed licence but the agent told if i pay 250sr the will bring the card with in mints from their

  2. abrahamjacob says:

    My driving license expired 9 years, on 1425.

    Please let me inform your fees and fine for

    renewal on same iqama.

  3. allan says:

    Hi to all!I have an International Driving License issued in Qatar and the date is still valid. Can i use it here in Saudi Arabia?

    Thanks in Advance!

  4. Tahir says:

    I have a valid driving license for 10 years but the problem is that i just came back on new visa. so what would to do?

    • @Tahir,

      It happen to me before, what I did is I ask a letter from my company a go to the police station to update my driving license to my new iqama number the only downside is you will have to pay as if you are getting new driving license. but no more examination

  5. zach says:

    today again. I did it last week and they postponed it today saturday. When I was there in the counter, he took my iqama and my money worth 450SR and they are the one who send to bank thru text message. I’m hoping that today he will give me the renewed one but so upset he told me after then to go to olaya or somewhere else.Suddenly, he came up to a conclusion to come back tomorrow to take the renewed one. I was so shock because this is not the feedback i heard from anyone else. Everything was been disturb: my work,physically and mentally exhausted . I do hope that they will knew how to value everyone’s need.

    • @zach,

      It is always suggested na pay before going to any police station to avoid complication. As for me I have settled the payment before going in the station that is why everything seems to be easy. Perhaps the system has change. I do hope everything becomes ok as soon as possible. I have reports that the machine for license is printing has problem last week so the people is only being given a receipt and license card to follow.

      • zach says:

        @Best of Riyadh,

        Thanks for your time and your precious sort of advices. Just I wanted to share to you that finally, I took my license this morning. After all those hardships,Alhamdullilah I got it.

  6. zorkor says:

    Thanks for the post. I want to know what are the required documents to renew the driving license for foreigner like me. Some tell me I need an Iqama copy and passport copy while others say only Iqama copy is required.

    • @zorkor,

      Just follow my intruction and it is really easy to renew nowadays 🙂

      • zach says:

        @Best of Riyadh,

        I was so happy to hear your experience, unfortunately this was not happen to me. They transfer me from one place to another. It is very difficult for me because I have work and the mess they create takes 4 places for me to go. From this place to another, I’m sorry to tell that we never got the right and speedy service.I fell so disappointed, not only me but other people suffer the same as mine too.

  7. RAJARAM says:

    How to check my saudi arabia driving license history via online website.example my name,iqama no,address,date of birth,blood group,pls send website

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