Kruathai Restaurant in Dahbab

I have a chance to eat yesterday in Kruathai with friends in the office. See our the food pictures taken . we had a nice dinner.

Below shown picture is called ” Buttered Fish ” , I love the mango spread over the fish.

Dexter's Birthday with RTCC Boys - 15

Dexter's Birthday with RTCC Boys - 11

Below is what they call ” Hormoc ” this is a blend of spicy sea foods , like shrimp, squid , fish and cabbage. If you don’t eat spicy food don’t try this one. I was not able to take a shot of what is inside.

Dexter's Birthday with RTCC Boys - 12

This is Pansit Mix.

Dexter's Birthday with RTCC Boys - 14

In this Thailand Restaurant, the Food costs ranges from SAR 25 to 50 per person and  it depends on what will you order and how hungry you are. There are available place both for  Family and bachelor.

This is located near RKH – Riyadh Military Hospital near Dhabab.

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  1. iANN says:

    Sarap talaga ng buttered fish specialty dish ng Kruathai. Mas masarap pa kc libre! Salamat sir! Happy Birthday ulet! Sa uulitin! God bless!!! ^^,

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