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Lots of expats in Saudi Arabia are here to work and earn money, of course one of the most important details that expats needs to know are bank details. Upon searching the internet we were able to get the details of the banks available in Saudi Arabia. I still don’t have details about their routing number but I will update this post as soon as I got hold of those information.

Below are the Name of the Banks with the Address, Telephone and Fax numbers including their website address. Be informed that Iqama is an important document in order to open an account in any of this bank. Additional requirements such as filled up application form and Company Letter attested by Chamber of Commerce is also a necessity to open an account in the following banks. Yearly a copy of the renewed iqama shall be provided to the bank in order for them not to freeze the account.

To those readers earning from Google AdSense who chooses to have a cheque rather than a money transfer from western union, you should open an account from Saudi Fransi. Each Bank have their own credit card you just have to check with their site about the details of application. Normally it will be 1.5 times the salary.

Banks Details as follows:

National Commercial Bank
P.O. Box 3555, Jeddah
T : 02 6493333
F : 02 6446468

Riyadh Bank
King Faisal Street,
Al Bat’ha, P.O. Box 229,
T : 01 4113333
F : 01 4114626

Arab National Bank
King Faisal Street,
North Murabba,
P.O. Box 56921, Riyadh
T : 01 4029000
F : 01 4027747

Saudi British Bank
Salah Al Din Al Ayyoubi Road,
P.O. Box 9084, Riyadh
T : 01 4050677
F : 01 4050660

Saudi American Bank
P.O. Box 833, Riyadh
T : 01 4774770
F : 01 4774770 ext.1473

Banque Saudi Fransi
P.O. Box 56006, Riyadh
T : 01 4042222
F : 01 4042311

Saudi Hollandi Bank
Al Dhabab Street,
P.O. Box 1467, Riyadh
T : 01 4010288
F : 01 4031104

Bank Al Jazira
P.O. Box 6277, Jeddah
T : 02 6518070
F : 02 6532478

Saudi Investment Bank
P.O. Box 3533, Riyadh
T : 01 4786000
F : 01 4776781

Al Rajhi Bank
P.O. Box 28, Riyadh
T : 01 4054244
F : 01 4052950

Al Bilad Bank
Steen Street, Al Malaz,
P.O. Box 140, Riyadh
T : 01 4798888
F : 01 4798898
Website: :

Islamic Development Bank
King Khaleed Street,
P.O. Box. 5925, Jeddah
T : 02 6361400
F : 02 6366871

We hope that this information will be of help to our readers.

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