Make Money Online Via BitCoin Mining HashOcean (Scammed Users)

hash ocean Mine Bitcoin

Update : HashOcean is now known as SCAM, It scammed the user by just closing the site. Most of the investors including lost some money. It’s part of investing sometimes you loose but of course you need to learn something from the experience.

I have been testing the usage of BitCoin after learning about It came to my knowledge that I can use BitCoin in lots of ways to make more money online. Yesterday I invested in HashOcean, a Cloud Mining Company who are doing Bitcoin mining. They have seven data centers with high earning potential. Return of investment could be by 3 to 4 months and after those days it will all be all passive income.

Upon enrollment, new users will have 15 KH/s. KH/s is the power for Bitcoin Mining. As of this time HashOcean has 0.00714000 BTC/day per MH/s based on their past mining experience. It means that 1 KH/s can mine 0.0000072 BTC per day which is approximately SR 0.01. It can release it’s payment when your account reaches 0.005 BTC which is SR 7.93 as of today’s exchange rate.

I have bought Additional 30 KH/s which cost me 0.02199591 BTC (approximately SR 34.90). Using mathematics 30 KH/s + 15 KH/s = 45 KH/s x  0.0000072 BTC =  0.000324 BTC per day.

In order for me to have my first payout 0.005 BTC / 0.000324 BTC per day =  15.4321 days. Therefore, I can hope to get my first payment after 15 Days. Payment will be directly sent to my ( You can also use other Bitcoin Account like Igot (Which is now operational in UAE).

By the way you cannot get the minimum payout if you did not purchase additional power from them.

I am just sharing my BitCoin Mining Experiment which might be of interest to our readers. I might lose in this investment but I might also gain. As the saying goes, no investment has no risk. After 3 months we will report the outcome of this Bitcoin Mining experiment. I hope I could report an earnings and not a loss of income and capital.

Disclosure: I earn 5% of your purchased power if you use my referral code embedded in the links.

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