Outback Steakhouse @ Localizer Mall Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Just want to share our food trip experience in Outback Steakhouse located at Localizer Mall in Riyadh. We have a great lunch at Outback, with tried their Outback Lunch Special. I don’t know if I can really call it lunch since we arrived at 4:30 PM. Their promotion for Outback Lunch Special is only up to 5:00 PM. SO here are some of pictures taken during our visit at outback.

2011-03-06 16.22.44

Localizer Mall at Tahlia St. Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

2011-03-06 16.26.28

Outback Steakhouse Interior

Picture Taken inside the Outback Steakhouse at Riyadh KSA , Well the place is really good when it comes to interior decoration. In addition the place is clean and organized.

2011-03-06 16.26.38

Outback Steakhouse Interior

Visitors could have a good view of the Mall from Above.

Their Menu for Lunch special cost from SAR 33,44 and 55 plus 15% Service Charge. We tried the 170 gms Sirloin Steak option for 55 and the Zesty Chicken Fingers option for 33.

I love the honey bread that they serve first to us.

2011-03-06 16.40.16

Honey Bread from Outback .. I love It…

2011-03-06 16.41.58

My Bottomless Iced Tea

2011-03-06 16.45.21

Onion Soup

If visitors love a sticky soup, Onion Soup would be a nice choice.

2011-03-06 16.45.04

Fresh Green Salad

2011-03-06 16.51.49

The Sirloin Steak and Rice

The steak is properly made, I have ordered a medium well done steak. and it is perfect.

2011-03-06 16.52.14

Sirloin Steak and Baked Potato

2011-03-06 16.53.45

Zesty Chicken Fingers with Rice

2011-03-06 16.38.32

I would say that we really had a good food experience in this fine dining restaurant. My Kids love it. I took all those pictures using my Galaxy Tab, I was not able to bring my Canon DSLR.

My Battery run out of power and I was not able to get a picture of my dessert.

Big thanks to the Waiters and Staff, who are really approachable and fast in serving.

It cost me SAR 290 for 5 People. and It is worth the food.

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8 Responses

  1. Robert Avena says:

    I will try dining with my friends this Thurday night, 29th Sep 2011.

  2. FOUAD says:

    Outback is the best Stekhouse in Town, waiting for the 2nd branch in Jeddah… it will be wonderful.
    I shall stay hungry until it open…..

  3. ziad says:

    This is a great review. Thank you for sharing..

  1. August 3, 2011

    […] While checking their menu, I found out that they also sell Steak. But since I like to taste fajita for the first time, I will probably tried their steak next time. Their price is almost at the same level as Steak House (Pending Article for Review) and Outback. […]

  2. October 8, 2014

    […] compared to other steak serving restaurant in Riyadh. Like Steakhouse, Applebees, Buffalos and Outback. But I must say that we like their steak as well as their sauce in the appetizer sampler that we […]

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