Sale, Sale and More Sale

It’s a season of SALE, well good for those who have save some amount or I must say “fulus” for this season. We were in Riyadh Gallery yesterday sourcing for my daughter’s JS prom gown and we have seen that almost all stores are on SALE. It ranges from 30% to 70% on some store. I have been told that there are also lots of sale at Granada Center. I believe it is in every mall Saudi Arabia. It is good to buy on SALE but be sure that you really need what you are buying or you will just end up filling your cabinet with unused clothes, shoes, bags and more. If you are business minded, this will be a good season to invest for something and sold it later or sold it in your country. Most of the items I saw on sale are almost the same price as shown in different online stores. Therefore merchants are cutting their profits just to regain their capital. This is what I love in Saudi Arabia, when they say it’s on SALE it’s on SALE and not raking up the price and giving discount which only goes back to its original price. But be prepared and be patient for the long line when paying.

Riyadh Gallery Sale January 2015

Riyadh Gallery Sale January 2015

It is also good to know that there are now some stores for ladies that has fitting room. Special those store marked as “Family Only” (For information: If you are new in Saudi Arabia, Family and Single Ladies are most of the time segregated from Bachelors). Gone are the days that ladies have to pay first before fitting at the nearest comfort room. Lots of female staff are also visible in stores.

Riyadh Gallery (4)

In our office, most of my office mates are being hooked at Souq and others are buying from Amazon have lots of sale items all year round but you need to be good in finding items that ships in Saudi Arabia. It will be a subject of my future blog post where I will detail my experience and lessons learned when ordering at Amazon US.

Riyadh Gallery Sale January 2015

Just a suggestion, don’t fill up your credit card with something that you don’t really need, because if payment will not be made on time, the discounts that you got will be much less than that the credit card interest that it will incur for not paying on time. So Be wise in Spending you might want to consider investing instead.

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  1. Mj says:

    Until when is the sale sir

  2. Mohammed Umer says:

    Assalamu alaikum, This is umer, i am working in saudi arabia, riyadh, and i am looking for RC toys four wheel dirve cars and suv etx, i hope you will help me searching these toys and i want to buy these

  3. Salauddin says:

    Thank You for the update….

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