SAWA 55 Riyals (600 On Net Minutes with 2 GB Internet Data)

Dexter Panganiban

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26 Responses

  1. jenelyn says:

    Is there any decativation code for sawa monthly basic 55 sr? I cant unsubcribe it in my stc.. Plsss help..

  2. Ushma gani says:

    I want cod for 10 gb+ 500 local minutes activation

  3. TANVIR says:


  4. Eldo says:

    Currently i am using sawa 55 monthly basic plan. I have seen an offer of SR65 for 10GB 1 month in my friend’s mobile when dialing *888#. When I tried to dial *888# from my phone it shows “Currently you are not eligible for any promotion”. Can you say why I can’t? What should I do for getting SR65 offer?

  5. maria khan says:

    Hi, Dexter. Would my stc sawa continue to receive sms or calls (like bank notifications when i use my atm cards ) when i use it in the philippines? I don’t want to use it to call or send sms or anything. i plan to use a Phil local sim. O r is it a must to subscribe to sawa roaming, which i find quite pricey. Thanks.

  6. kirstin kay santibanez says:

    In SAWA monthly package, what is STC wifi or 2GB over wifi? How is it used?

  7. S.A.Basha says:

    In SAWA monthly package, what is STC wifi?
    How we can use it?

  8. jenny iyo says:

    Hi i just like to ask how to know check how many mb i still have when using this promo.

  9. Irfan apple says:

    dear bro,
    i need from sawa sim card monthly package for internet 2 GB with 200 or 300 local minetes means call to other network.

  10. Muhammad Omer Khan says:

    In SAWA monthly package, what is STC wifi?
    How we can use it?

  11. Michelle says:

    How to unsubscribe for my current 10sr internet package i use 8111 to 900for subscribing i like to unsubscribe..please help me..thank you

  12. fawad says:

    this offer available in this time or finish?

  13. Mubinur says:

    In SAWA monthly package, what is STC wifi..??

  14. abdullah says:

    i tried to activate my stc monthly pakagae of 600 mintes but it is not activated….. what i do…

  15. Shabir says:

    how can that 600 net minutes

  16. Basheer Ahmed says:

    what is 300 on net call minutes?

  17. Kripesh v v says:

    How activate 600 minite SAWA Basic auto-renewal package

  18. Ibrahim says:

    I have this package, but main balance is reduced for some numbers. Please explain

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