SAWA 55 Riyals (600 On Net Minutes with 2 GB Internet Data)

Unlimited calls in STC is not available anymore but they have introduced a budget savings SAWA Plans for budget conscious like me. I am referring to their new offer SAWA 55 Riyals (600 On Net Minutes with 2 GB Internet Data). SAWA users can enjoy using their internet with their mobile phone and have 600 minutes of call but this is only for 1 month which means after 1 month any unused load that you have will be set to zero.

More details below:

  • To check remaining balance send: 8888
  • To cancel automatic renewal send: 5559
  • You can subscribe or unsubscribe to any of the packages through the mystc app or by logging into MySTC, in MySTSC you may also check your usage and remaining balance.

You may also send 8600 to 900 for information. or you may check below information captured from STC Website on how to activate the plan if you don’t have access at MySTC Website.

SAWA 55 Riyals Calls and Internet

Screen Captured from STC Website

If you are a heavy internet user, I don’t think it will be enough for 1 whole month but you may always opt to have 1-month unlimited internet data connection. But you need to use a mobile wifi for that matter. Using Youtube or even watching movies with the use of this connection will definitely drain up your free data. One more data consuming internet action is downloading from the internet.

Using this plan for facebook, Instagram or any other social media sites is enough. But of course it will still be based on how you use your social media accounts

I prefer to have this plan rather than buying STC Intenet on the go which is very costly. As a tip always monitor your usage, because when this free internet data is consumed it will automatically eat up your remaining load. I don’t want you checking your load and just to found out that it is all gone. Believe me, I had the same experience before. Better be informed than to say bye bye to your remaining load. The free call is not applied to other telephone network company such as ZAIN and Mobily.


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20 Responses

  1. kirstin kay santibanez says:

    In SAWA monthly package, what is STC wifi or 2GB over wifi? How is it used?

  2. S.A.Basha says:

    In SAWA monthly package, what is STC wifi?
    How we can use it?

  3. jenny iyo says:

    Hi i just like to ask how to know check how many mb i still have when using this promo.

  4. Irfan apple says:

    dear bro,
    i need from sawa sim card monthly package for internet 2 GB with 200 or 300 local minetes means call to other network.

  5. Muhammad Omer Khan says:

    In SAWA monthly package, what is STC wifi?
    How we can use it?

  6. Michelle says:

    How to unsubscribe for my current 10sr internet package i use 8111 to 900for subscribing i like to unsubscribe..please help me..thank you

  7. fawad says:

    this offer available in this time or finish?

  8. Mubinur says:

    In SAWA monthly package, what is STC wifi..??

  9. abdullah says:

    i tried to activate my stc monthly pakagae of 600 mintes but it is not activated….. what i do…

  10. Shabir says:

    how can that 600 net minutes

  11. Basheer Ahmed says:

    what is 300 on net call minutes?

  12. Kripesh v v says:

    How activate 600 minite SAWA Basic auto-renewal package

  13. Ibrahim says:

    I have this package, but main balance is reduced for some numbers. Please explain

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