STC SAR 3 Weekly Deduction, How to Stop?

For the last 2 months I have been receiving a deduction of 3 Sar on a weekly basis (every Sunday). So I decided to investigate and learn how to stop this deduction. What I found out through my research is to contact 902.

I did it today, and I was informed that i am subscribed to STC Shopping Services. I do not know if I did it or one of my kids did it by mistake but anyway the operator told me that it is now cancelled.

I came to know also that it was the reason why I keep on receiving updates on all major sale in Saudi Arabia. I thought it was just a spam on my mobile.

So if you keep on receiving sale alert on your mobile phone, sooner or later STC will deduct SAR 3/week.

So for any problem with your STC (SAWA) mobile phone just call 902, but be patient it took me some time to enter on their system

One good thing, Call to 902 is free.

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