Visit to Al-Maather Cave Park @ King Faisal Specialist Hospital

2 weeks ago we had a chance to visit the Al Maather Cave, a landscaped park inside the King Faisal Specialist Hospital. It was my first time to visit the park, even though we’ve been staying in Saudi Arabia for almost 12 years now. The place is nice which will give visitors a relaxing moment. I have been told that the place is full during weekends, so if you want to enjoy the place, better go there at weekdays.

Visitors could see a nice landscaped park inside the hospital’s vicinity. And if you become hungry after your park tour, Kudu is waiting just outside the park. Inside the park you can see cave ruins, playground for the kids, a small lake with fountain, a Bermuda grass and a grill area.

By the way there is a minimal entrance fee. I was not the one who paid the entrance fee, so I don’t know how much it was.  [Not so sure if visitors need sponsor to be able to go inside, because we had our sponsor when we went there on that night]

Below is the text that is shown in the signage that can be found inside the park.

Al-Maather cave is considered one of the historical landmarks in old Riyadh. It was on the verge of being forgotten had H.R.H. Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz did not interfere and order to include it within the Hospital’s Landscape.

Historical Synopsis

Caves and mountaintops constitute an important dimension in the life of the dessert inhabitant in general. Al-Maather cave acquired a special status among the inhabitants of the Old Riyadh due uts proximity to the wall of the city. People used also to go there for outing and pleasant carefree activities. Al-Maather cave was also famous for hosting celebrations on Eid holidays, Quran proficiency and Zaffa. It also used to be considered as a venue for meeting and public discussion and forum for popular arts as well as a healing place in the absence of hospital at the time.  Al-Maather Cave added the beauty of the park and gave it historical and folkloric dimension.

The kids enjoyed the playground; there is a good space for kids to enjoy. The place can be found inside the King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. At the moment there is a hospital construction going on at the side of the park.

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I could say that this one of the place where the whole family could enjoy bonding with each other.

We have also brought with us snacks and had a wonderful night picnic in the park.


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  1. Sethu says:

    @Dexter, did you had a chance to check if the park is open to public?

    • @Sethu,

      I have been informed that there should be somebody working with King Faisal be with you. But there are times that they also allow outsiders to entry. My tip go there not on weekdays.. Lets say Saturday – Tuesday, you and your family might be accommodated 🙂

  2. mirza says:

    is it open for public and how much is the entry fee.

  3. shahid says:

    Can you please give me directions to the park

  4. Rainier says:

    It was a nice place. It is nice to know that there is park inside King Faisal Hospital’s compund.

  5. Abdul Mujeeb Shaik says:

    Lucky for the peoples who are staying with family … Bcoz the Place is Awesome …

  6. Sohail khan says:

    It is really looking nice view & wish to visit soon with my family.

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